Our Top 10 Funniest Halloween Jokes To Share On A Car Journey 🎃

These Side-Splitting Jokes Will Have Your Passengers in Stitches!


It’s Halloween season once again, with children up and down the country preparing for the end of October, when they can dress up in scary costumes and frighten the neighbours!

Knocking on doors and saying ‘Trick or Treat’ to the person who opens it is an exciting time of the year for youngsters and has become increasingly popular here in the UK. It’s also a bit of fun for adults too, as plenty of grown-ups love nothing more than throwing a Halloween Party for friends and family – a good excuse for a get together, sharing tasty food and drinks whilst wearing a show-stopping scary outfit!

So, to get the whole family in party mood and to make sure you’re all spooked-up for the scariest night of the year, we’ve trawled the internet to find what we think are 10 of the funniest and best Halloween jokes for sharing with friends and family in October 2021 – they’re certainly going to put a smile on you and your passengers faces as you enjoy a car journey together this month.

Our Top 10 Funniest Halloween Jokes:

1. What’s a ghost’s favourite dessert?

     I scream!

2. What do you call two witches sharing an apartment?


3. Why are graveyards so noisy?

     Because of all the coffin!

4. Why didn’t the mummy have any friends?

     He was too wrapped up in himself!

5. How do vampire’s start their letters?

     “Tomb it may concern”…!

6. What do witches use on their hair?


7. What is a ghoul’s favourite flavour?

     Lemon and slime!

8. What do skeleton’s say before they begin dining?

     Bone appetit!

9. What do ghosts use to wash their hair?


10. What’s the problem with twin witches?

       You never know which witch is which!

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