What is a Car Subscription?

Sitting between Lease Contracts and Daily Rental Hire, Car Subscriptions are an alternative, more flexible form of obtaining a car. These contracts tend to be a on a 28 day or month-by-month basis and will only stop when you decide to cancel or swap your vehicle.

Car Subscription providers will also usually include the following with every new contract;

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty,
  • Breakdown Cover (with Roadside Assist),
  • Road Tax, Maintenance
  • Full Comprehensive Motor Insurance Cover

Aside from having the benefit of bundling all your payments into one, you’ll also usually have access to a ‘vehicle library’ from which you can pick and choose different models to swap into. Just like swapping between films or albums on your favourite streaming service!

Find out more about how the process works and how a car subscription can benefit you here.

How does it compare with leasing or other services?



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Breakdown cover

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Road tax

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Insurance cover

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No long term contract

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Option to switch every 28 days

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No cancellation period

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What cars can I get with a flexible car subscription?

Many Car Subscription providers source their vehicles from new and more often than not, your car will be under 6 months or 12 months old (depending on the model). Having such a new car means that you’ll get to benefit from a full manufacturer’s warranty if anything goes amiss with your vehicle during your contract.

At Flexed, we currently have the following manufacturers available for subscription:

Aside from cars, we also have a number of commercial vehicles available on subscription too! You can view them all here.

Your Car Subscription Questions Answered

How do I subscribe with Flexed?

Choose the offer you’re interested in online or give us a call and we’ll run through a couple of options with you

  • Complete a one-page application form online.*
  • Secure your order by credit or debit card
  • Sign your electronic documents
  • Grab your keys and go!

*An application form is required for a verification and credit check. A credit search is performed in-house by our underwriting team. Contracts cannot be opened without completing this form.

What is the minimum subscription period?

Our minimum subscription period is 28 days. After this, you’re free to return or swap your car without incurring any extra charges in the process.

If you decide to return part-way through your next 28-day agreement, you will be refunded for any unused days left on the account.

How often can I swap?

After your initial 28-day period has elapsed, you’re free to change your vehicle as often as you’d like.

Please note; delivery charges are not included as part of your change over.

Who owns the car?

Our fleet is owned and managed by Autohorn Fleet Services t/a Flexed

How long does it take to get my car?

Your vehicle will normally be set up and ready to go within 2 to 3 days from the initial enquiry.

Can delivery be arranged to my address?

Yes! This isn’t standard within our contract, but we can organise the delivery for you with a third-party supplier at an additional cost.

Can the vehicle be taken abroad?

Yes, you can. Please refer to the Foreign Travel section of your policy wording for more information.

Can you arrange insurance with my Flexed contract?

We can arrange flexible short-term insurance for your Flexed (a trading name of Autohorn Fleet Services Ltd) vehicle through McClarrons insurance brokers.

It is an optional ‘bolt-on’ for customers who decide opt for an all-inclusive rental.

The insurance cover is linked directly with your account and will start at 00:00hrs from the day you pick up your vehicle up until 23:59hrs, the day your contract ends. The policy will automatically renew for each 28-day period until you decide to cancel.

You are also able to insure up to a maximum of two named drivers with your policy.

Is this insurance policy the same as any normal policy?

No, it’s a unique policy that runs for the exact period that your Flexed vehicle leasing contract runs for. It is issued for an initial 28-day period and automatically renews every 28 days.

Is the policy fully comprehensive?

Yes, it is. This means you have coverage for you and your vehicle as well as other people.

Whose name is the insurance policy issued in?

The policy is issued in the name of the person leasing the Flexed vehicle.

Can I add an additional driver?

Yes. You can have up to 2 named drivers in addition to yourself. Please note that an additional premium may be charged per additional driver.

Can I change my vehicle under the policy?

Certainly. You can change to another Flexed vehicle at any time, subject to any applicable adjustments to the premium. You will not be charged a fee for making the change.

Can the policy cover vehicles be supplied by someone other than Flexed?

No, this policy is designed specifically for Flexed vehicles.

Do I earn a No Claims Bonus?

No, because this is a short-term insurance policy. You can, however, keep a No Claims Discount that you have earned under a previous policy to use later.

Can I cancel the policy?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. However, you will not receive a refund of the premium for the unexpired proportion of the current 28-day period. If you return your Flexed vehicle after the date that you cancel the policy, you will need to provide evidence to Flexed that you have arranged alternative comprehensive insurance cover.

How do I report a claim or accident?

Please refer to the ‘How to Claim’ section of your insurance policy wording and contact customer.service@autohorn.co.uk to report your vehicle.

Insurance Claim

If you have taken an insurance policy with us directly, please call our hour Claims Helpline:

0344 854 1157

Who is eligible for your insurance policy?

Cover Duration 28 days in duration, policy renews automatically unless cancelled prior to expiry.
Age Limitations Minimum age – 25
Maximum age – 75
Occupations Apart from below, all occupations will be accepted.
  • Couriers
  • Fast food delivery
  • Taxi drivers / operators
  • Chauffer/limousine operators
  •  Self-drive hire operators
  • Persons who are unemployed
Driving Basis Insured up to a maximum of two named drivers.
Postcodes All UK postcodes are accepted.
Isle of Man / Channel Islands will be declined.
Driving License type UK licence holders

& EU, US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand driving licences providing the following parameters are met:

  • The driver must have held a clean licence for at least 12 months
Convictions Any driver or named driver with more than 6 penalty points or any driving ban in the last 3 years will be declined.
Previous Claims The insurance company will accept risks which have had up to and including the following claims in the last 3 years:
No more than 2 fault claims for the propose or declared driver
Risks with more than 2 fault claims in the last 3 years will be declined.
Criminal Convictions Any proposer or a declared driver who has an unspent criminal conviction will be declined.
CCJs/IVA Anyone with an active CCJ/IVA will be declined
Vehicle Type The insurance will be accepted for the following vehicle types
  • Any private cars
  • Commercial vehicle up to 3.5 tons (Gross Vehicle Weight)
Vehicle Type The insurance will be accepted for vehicle values up to £80,000.


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