How To Pack Your Lease Car Safely For A Summer Getaway

Even though travel is easier and pretty much back to normal this year, many of us will still be holidaying in the UK in 2022, meaning the vast majority of us will be travelling to our destination by car.

Whilst jumping on an aeroplane is exciting as we head off to another country, a staycation holiday does mean we can take a lot more gear with us in our lease car but only if we pack everything in carefully!

Taking the time to plan how you’re going to fit everything into your lease car may seem a bit extreme but it does make sense. It’s definitely worth taking a step back to consider how safe it is and whether you and your passengers are going to be comfortable or not on the long journey.

The last thing any designated driver wants is strife from other passengers in the car because they feel squashed and uncomfortable, or for it to be difficult to see through the back window thanks to everything being thrown in without any thought.

Things To Avoid

So, to ensure the driver has a clear view out of the rear window, avoid packing your gear higher than the top of the seat backs. If you do, this could prevent the driver from being able to see through the back window properly and your belongings could fly forwards in the event of having to brake suddenly and could possibly cause injury to one of your passengers.

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The boot should be packed tightly so that nothing can move around, making sure you pack the biggest and heaviest items first, placing them right to the back behind the rear seats – this enables you to fit everything else in around it all but also helps the car too when it comes to handling.

If you’ve got young children on board, the best advice for a relaxing journey is to make sure they’re comfortable in the back and not too squashed around them. Having something to keep them entertained is a good idea and these days is much simpler to achieve, with hand held devices that will let them watch their favourite programmes.

Sometimes you’ve got so much stuff to pack inside your car, you might need a bit of extra space and a roof rack or roof box is the perfect solution.

You can fit roof bars and/or a roof rack to your lease car from Flexed, as long as you get permission first and ensure that they’re removed before the car is returned without causing any damage to the vehicle – call 0800 311 8290 for help and advise on any type of modification.

We also have a number of new cars available to lease that feature roof bars/rails for your convenience.

A roof rack is a great idea if you need to carry more than you can safely fit into your lease car. You need to ensure that the one you buy fits your car correctly size-wise and read the handbook that comes with your lease car, so that you can check the maximum permitted roof load, remembering to add the weight of the rack!

And lastly, don’t forget the spare wheel when loading up just in case you suffer a puncture on the way. If you pack the smaller items into lots of bags rather than throwing them in loosely, you’ll be able to remove them more easily if the need arises.

Last Minute Quick Checks!

Make sure that whatever you load onto your roof rack is securely tied down, with nothing sticking out either at the front, back or sides. Please be aware that once you set off, the airflow will attempt to lift up the front of the load in your roof rack, so extra binding is advisable in this area.

When stopping for a break, take the time to check the bindings are still keeping the load tied down securely. Also, please remember that your lease car is now taller, so be careful when driving under low signage or into covered car parks, especially if you’ve leased a bigger vehicle from Flexed such as an SUV or people carrier (MPV)!

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Many people choose to use a roof box to carry their extra gear in. They’re super handy, with many sizes and styles to choose from. There’s plenty available on the market today but make sure the one you buy works with the roof bars you fit onto your lease car.

Look for a good quality one that’s going to be more aerodynamic, as this could help with fuel costs on a long journey. Check the locking system too, as some have one that prevents you from taking the key out unless it’s locked – a great idea and one that should stop it from flinging open further down the road.

If you’re loaded up to the max, you might need to modify the tyre pressure of your vehicle to cope with the extra weight, remembering to modify them back again once you arrive back home.

Carrying a heavy load in your lease car might affect the handling and performance, increasing the stopping distances, so be extra careful on the roads and leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front. Stick to the speed limits and be patient – try to avoid unnecessary overtaking.

Find out more about our car leasing services and fantastic offers for both Business and Personal use. Give us a call today on 0800 311 8290.

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