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Your Flexed contract gives you access to a whole host of benefits and services. We want to make sure you have quick and easy access to all the services and support that you need, because you deserve to get the most out of your Flexed benefits at any time.

We’ve put together a complete information and support package for Flexed members right here. All the details regarding the features and benefits of your contract are covered here, as well as the answers to all your questions regarding different aspects of your lease/subscription.

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Maintenance & Services

Many of our contracts include maintenance and services as standard. This section gives you all the information and contact details you need regarding a maintained lease contract with Flexed.

What’s covered under my maintained lease contract?

Covered NOT Covered
Replacing worn tyres (with a depth reading of 2mm or below). Damaged tyres (damage includes but isn’t limited to – cuts, gouges or bulges in tyre walls and punctures as a result of road damage).
AD-Blue/engine additive top-ups. Any damage caused to mechanical parts as a result of an accident or attributed to road damage.
Any vehicle faults (under the manufacturer’s warranty). Any damage or excessive wear to parts caused by driver misuse.
Required services.

My car needs a service – what should I do?

We cover the cost of your vehicle’s service. Your lease vehicle MUST be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements and guidelines. Failure to carry out the required manufacturer’s service for the lease vehicle will incur a fixed penalty charge of £500.00 (excl. VAT).

Please contact and call us on 0330 0372 101 to arrange your service.

Please click here for our servicing requirements and return standards.

Faults, Damage & Roadside Assistance

Sometimes, little things happen or pop up that can wreak havoc with your day. Cars and driving are no exception. If you happen to experience a vehicle fault, your lease vehicle becomes damaged, or you simply need assistance, we’ve got you covered. The section below features all the information and contact details you need to tackle these problems at any time.

What should I do if my lease car has a fault?

All our lease vehicles are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty – in the event of a fault, book your car into the closest appropriate dealership for diagnosis and repair.

What should I do if my lease car breaks down?

You should call the phone number for your vehicle’s manufacturer breakdown assistance service. You can find the number for the manufacturer of your lease vehicle from the list below:

Manufacturer Number
BMW 0800 777 111
Fiat 00800 342 800 00
Ford 0800 111 234
Citroen 08000 727 272
Jaguar 0800 246 844
Kia 0800 015 8762
Mercedes-Benz 0207 975 7077
MG Motor UK 0800 072 3338
Nissan 0330 123 1231
Peugeot 0800 294 0294
Renault 0800 085 8005
SEAT 0800 262 622
Skoda 0800 526 625
Toyota 0330 024 3456
Volkswagen 0800 777 192
Volvo 0800 177 116

All breakdown assistance services will aim to be with you as soon as possible depending on the location. If your car can’t be fixed by the roadside, call the appropriate number from above and inform them that your vehicle has had to be recovered and that it has been taken to a dealership for further repair.

For any further advice, please contact

What should I do if I have a chip or a crack in my windscreen?

Please call your insurance company to arrange the repair. We advise that any chip with a visible crack should be replaced and not repaired. If a vehicle is returned and any signs of cracking that are still visible after a repair, the hirer will be liable for the full cost of replacement.

What should I do in the event of an accident?

Please call your insurance company immediately to advise of incident details, arrange repairs to the vehicle and organise roadside recovery if required. You should also contact Autohorn Fleet Services (Flexed) to inform us about the incident straight away. This allows us to offer any further assistance you may need, and makes us aware of any damage or any potential delays as a result of repairs.

I’ve accidentally put the wrong type of fuel in my vehicle, what should I do?

Do not start your engine. This could cause further complications and damage. Instead, please call us directly on 01904 557 521 and we will arrange for the right assistance to come to you.

Do I have to pay for my lease costs whilst my vehicle is in for repair?

The hirer is liable for all lease charges throughout the repair duration. This also applies if the vehicle is a write off (until we receive a final vehicle valuation settlement from your insurance provider).

Insurance & Support

Good insurance is invaluable as a driver – we can provide you with high-quality insurance through a reputable provider as an optional extra for your lease contract. This covers yourself plus up to two additional drivers to use your lease car. You’re also able to source your own fully comprehensive insurance if you’d prefer. This section covers everything you need to know regarding insurance throughout your Flexed lease:

How do I make an insurance claim for my lease car?

If you have taken an insurance policy with our insurance partner Mcclarrons, please call their claim line on 03333 058120. Otherwise, simply call your existing insurance provider if you’ve not taken our insurance as an optional extra.

Can I arrange an insurance repair after the return of a vehicle?

Unfortunately not – all repairs must be carried out within the hirer’s lease term. This includes windscreen repairs.

Who will provide a courtesy car whilst my lease vehicle is being repaired?

If covered within your policy agreement, your insurance company should provide you with a courtesy vehicle throughout any recovery/repair. If your vehicle is being repaired for something that’s covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, then the manufacturer may also be able to supply you with a courtesy vehicle whilst repairs are carried out.

Do I have to take my vehicle somewhere specific for insurance repairs?

Please advise your insurance company that any required work must be carried out by a manufacturer-approved repairer. A repairer’s guarantee must be provided with the vehicle upon lease end.

I’ve scratched my lease car and don’t want to go through my insurance.

Please contact Fleet Maintenance support who will advise of any potential costs if returning a vehicle unrepaired. Please see below our current compensation price list for damage exceeding the BVRLA return standards:

Damage Description Cost
Alloy wheels £125.00
Painted bumper scratched £260.00
Painted bumper dented £325.00
Side panel scratched/no blend £260.00
Side panel dented/no blend £325.00
Colour match/blending panels if required £90.00
Bonnet/roof/bootlid chipped or scratched £325.00
Bonnet/roof/bootlid dented £425.00

All prices exclude VAT.

If damage requires immediate repair or any replacement parts, we will provide an estimate within your change of condition invoice pack. This includes damage to windscreens, tyres, broken trims, major damage, and substandard repairs.

We adhere to the BVRLA’s fair wear and tear standards. To view a full copy, please click here. 

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