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Flexed puts power back into the hands of drivers.

Company Story:

Traditional car leasing contracts are up there with gym memberships or broadband contracts for rigid deals that are impossible to change or cancel.

Put simply; they cause frustration, and cost consumers money and time.

So in 2013, we launched Flexed – an alternative way to lease your car. Our contracts start from a minimum period of 28 days, but thereafter you can cancel, swap or change your vehicle with no extra charges.

Since launch we’ve seen a rapid expansion from 300 odd cars to a massive 2,000+ fleet of highly-maintained vehicles that we send out to customers.

What’s Included?

We make it easy. So, all 28-day contracts include:

  • A new vehicle (less than 12 months old)
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Road tax
  • Breakdown cover with Roadside assistance
  • UK wide delivery available
  • 15,000 miles per annum (calculated on a pro-rata basis) contract allowance
    • Higher mileages up to 25,000 miles per annum available.

And if your chosen car is in stock, we’ll also aim to have you driving away in just a matter of days!

Company Overview

Flexed is part of the Autohorn Fleet Services Group. Autohorn was first established in York in 1995 as a daily rental company with just five employees and nine vehicles.

Today, we deliver innovative and intelligent fleet solutions for private and commercial customers throughout the country. Our services include; Fleet Management, Daily Vehicle Hire, Flexible Leasing and finally Contract Hire and Leasing.

To find out more contact Flexed at talk@flexed.co.uk or call 0800 311 8290

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