New Lease Cars At FLEXED Suitable For Senior Citizens

At Flexed, one of the most common questions we get asked more than any other is ‘What Age Do You Have To Be To Lease A Car?’ And our simple answer, is that anyone can lease a car from us, as long as they’re over 18 years old, have a full valid UK driving licence, can afford the monthly payments and prove they’re eligible for vehicle finance. This means that whether you’re a new or young driver or someone who’s been behind the wheel of a car for many, many years, you’re all welcome at Flexed.

And of course, if you’re a non-UK citizen looking to lease a new car, you can with us – please click here for more details.

For those with many years of driving experience, we know how important it is to have a car that’s comfortable, reliable and practical, which is why we have so many wonderful cars for drivers of all ages to choose from. So, whether you’re looking to lease a classic hatchback, a smart estate car, a stylish saloon or a luxury SUV, we have them all here at Flexed for short term leasing or long term rental.

We also have a wide range of hybrid and all-electric cars available for those who prefer to drive something ‘greener’ or who are considering making that switch in 2022 – to view all our current models, please click here.

For peace of mind, your contract will include UK road tax, manufacturer warranty, breakdown cover, vehicle maintenance and 1,250 miles per month (additional mileages available), plus with our new Car Subscription service, Fully Comprehensive insurance cover can be included as part of your lease – please click here to find out more and to see if you are eligible.

No matter how much you have to spend every month on a new lease car, we guarantee you’ll have no problem finding the right car just for you that will keep you within your monthly budget, with prices starting from as little as £312.19 excl. VAT per month right up to £1259.99 excl. VAT per month at the higher end – it all depends on how much you want to spend, the type of car you want to drive and for how long.

What you’ll be really surprised to find out, is that your monthly budget will possibly stretch to a new lease car that you never imaged you’d be able to afford – that’s what makes car leasing so amazing!

New Lease Cars For Drivers of All Ages!

Our range of small cars really come into their own for town and city driving, allowing you to nip in and out of tight spaces with ease, whilst making parking a breeze.

FLEXED - short term car leases

Kia Picanto ‘2’ 1.0 5dr – from £334.49 excl. VAT per month!

The Kia Picanto ‘2’ 1.0 5dr can be leased from £334.49 excl. VAT per month based on a 28 day rolling contract and is in stock NOW.

Our range of quality estate-sized vehicles offers a superb combination of both drivability and practicality. The perfect choice for company car drivers, fleets, retired couples or families alike.

Available to order NOW and priced per 28 days, we have the Toyota Corolla Touring Sport 1.8 VVT-i GR Sport Auto from £568.64 excl. VAT per month. A stylish hybrid estate car with a generous boot and a spacious cabin for a comfortable ride.

Our range of premium SUVs guarantee to provide you with both luxury and comfort. As with all of our cars, they’re available to lease from just 28 days onwards, or to rent long term from 3 months, 6 or even 12 months and longer.

FLEXED - short term car leases

Kia Sorento 2.2 CRDi ‘3’ Auto [7 Seat] – from £807.04 excl. VAT per month!

Available to order NOW but limited stock, we have the Kia Sorento 2.2 CRDi ‘3’ Auto [7 Seat] from £807.04 excl. VAT per month based on a 28 day rolling contract. The Sorento is a practical, stylish 7-seater that’s ideal for experienced drivers looking for a great car to drive on a daily basis.

With rising running and fuel costs, electric and hybrid-powered vehicles are the future. They can do everything their petrol and diesel counterparts can do, but return excellent economy figures as well as running much cleaner to help the environment.

We currently have on our special ‘Offers’ page this July, the Volkswagen UP Electric Hatchback 60kW E-Up 32kWh 5dr Auto from just £449.99 excl. VAT per month based on a 28 day rolling contract. Available to order TODAY, so please call 0800 311 8290.

So, whether you’re a new or young driver or someone with many years of experience behind the wheel, we’ve got a wide range of fantastic cars to lease on a short term basis or for long term rental.

Please click here to find out more about our car leasing services and fantastic offers for both Business and Personal use, or give us a call TODAY on 0800 311 8290.

Drop us a quick email to or chat with a member of our team NOW using our online ‘We Are Here!’ service – we’ll gladly answer any leasing questions you may have.

Find out more about our car leasing services and fantastic offers for both Business and Personal use. Give us a call today on 0800 311 8290.

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