Is There An Age Limit When Leasing A Car?

Can a Retired Person Lease a Vehicle?

There’s actually two short and simple answers as to whether there’s an age limit when it comes to leasing a car with Flexed – ‘No’ and ‘Yes’!

There’s NO upper age limit with car leasing, so if you’re a senior citizen in your 70s wanting to lease a car or a retired person in your 60s or even a driver in your 80s who still loves getting behind the wheel and enjoying the freedom a new car offers, you can lease one TODAY!

Concerning the minimum age you must be in order to lease a car from Flexed, the answer is ‘Yes’, as you have to be aged 18 or over if you wish to lease a car.

So that our customers have a better understanding of the rules when it comes to the minimum and maximum age you must be in order to be able to lease a car from Flexed, we’ve compiled a quick guide that explains it all in more detail.

Aged 18

If you’re interested in leasing a car from Flexed on a short term basis or on a long term rental agreement, you must be at least 18 years old, hold a full valid UK driving licence, be able to afford the monthly rentals and prove your eligibility for vehicle finance.

FLEXED - short term car & van leases

With no upper age limit, you can lease a car whether you’re young or old, as long as you’re over 18 years of age – call 0800 311 8290 NOW!

At 15 years and 9 months of age, you can apply for a provisional driving licence in the UK. However, when it comes to learning to drive a car and going on to hopefully passing your practical driving test, you can legally do so at the age of 17 but you must be aged 18 in order to take out a finance agreement on a lease car.

One of the main stumbling blocks for young people wanting to lease a car, is the credit check that’s part of the whole leasing process. In order to be approved for vehicle finance, your credit score as well as other factors such as whether you’ll be able to keep up with the monthly payments are taken into account and a decision made based on the information/documentation provided by yourself.

Many young people have little to no credit history because of their age which often makes it difficult to obtain finance. However, at Flexed, we have our own in-house finance department who deals with every application individually and will do everything they can to provide a successful outcome. Sometimes we may ask for a refundable security amount to sit on your account until your contract ends.

Mature Drivers

At Flexed, there’s no upper age limit if you want to lease a car. As long as you hold a full valid UK driving licence, can prove you’re able to afford the monthly payments and pass the credit checks (not always necessary as we’ve already mentioned), you can lease a new car from us.

What we would like to point out, is that if your 70th birthday is on the horizon, you’ll have to renew your driving licence in order to be able to carry on driving and then every three years thereafter. Luckily, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) do send out reminders with an application form included ahead of your renewal date.

Please be aware, that if you fail to renew your driving licence at the age of 70, your licence will become invalid and therefore your insurance policy will also become invalid. This could result in fines, the confiscation of your vehicle or possibly a prison term, as it’s a serious offence to drive with an out-of-date licence.



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