1 Month (28 day) Car Leases from Flexed

If you or your business are looking to lease cars on a rolling basis, then look no further than Flexed.

We can lease cars on a 1 month contract, so that you can secure the vehicles you require for the short term without being tied into any long-term agreements.

Our lease service is designed with you in mind, which is why we have endeavoured to create a flexible leasing service tailored to your exact needs.

Our car leasing services offer a number of benefits:

  • In stock cars available for collection the next day, UK-wide delivery also available
  • Insurance can be added on extra as part of your lease
  • Maintenance, 24 hour emergency assistance, vehicle recovery and road tax are all included in the price of the lease
  • You choose the mileage allowance for the duration of your lease
  • Car lease lengths can be easily extended
  • Fantastic range of cars including Mercedes, BMW, Skoda, Volvo and more

Check out our range of 1-month deals below:

£259.99 excl. VAT
£311.99 inc. VAT
Fiat 500
From: 259.99 excl. VAT
From: 311.99 inc. VAT
120 g/km
53 mpg
£349.99 excl. VAT
£419.99 inc. VAT
FLEXED - short term car & van leases
From: 349.99 excl. VAT
From: 419.99 inc. VAT
139 g/km
47 mpg
£379.99 excl. VAT
£455.99 inc. VAT
SEAT Arona Flexed-min
From: 379.99 excl. VAT
From: 455.99 inc. VAT
121 g/km
47.1 - 53.3 mpg
£379.99 excl. VAT
£455.99 inc. VAT
208 GT Flexed-min
From: 379.99 excl. VAT
From: 455.99 inc. VAT
122 g/km
46 mpg
£439.99 excl. VAT
£527.99 inc. VAT
Peugeot 2008
From: 439.99 excl. VAT
From: 527.99 inc. VAT
121 g/km
45 mpg
£459.99 excl. VAT
£551.99 inc. VAT
Peugeot 2008
From: 459.99 excl. VAT
From: 551.99 inc. VAT
132 g/km
44 mpg
£579.99 excl. VAT
£695.99 inc. VAT
VW Passat R Line Model-min
From: 579.99 excl. VAT
From: 695.99 inc. VAT
132 g/km
56 mpg
£639.99 excl. VAT
£767.99 inc. VAT
Skoda Kodiaq Sportline-min
From: 639.99 excl. VAT
From: 767.99 inc. VAT
166 - 188 g/km
47 mpg
£669.99 excl. VAT
£803.99 inc. VAT
BMW 3 Series M Sport Flexed-min
From: 669.99 excl. VAT
From: 803.99 inc. VAT
146 g/km
44.1 mpg

How does it work?

  1. Make an enquiry by choosing your preferred van or car online with your chosen mileage and how long you’d like to lease the vehicle for.
  2. Submit an application by completing a one-page electronic form online. We’ll ask for details about you which  will then be sent to our in-house credit team for approval.
  3. Once approved, simply make your first payment by card to order and hold your vehicle and we’ll send out your  new contract for signature.

Whichever you decide, your handover will then be organised from our offices or delivered an additional charge to a location of your choice.

Short Term Leasing for businesses

Long-term car leasing is a big commitment and one which often fails to meet the needs of businesses. At Flexed, we provide a service which offers you the flexibility you need as part of a simple and cost-effective package.

We pride ourselves on the exceptional service that we offer all of our clients. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team can help you with any of your enquiries and all cars that we supply are regularly maintained, to ensure they remain in superb condition.

Call us today for a personal quote for short term leasing on 0800 311 8290.

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