Insurance In Car Leasing: All You Need To Know

Does car leasing with FLEXED include Insurance?


Interested in leasing your next car or van but wondering what’s included as part of your lease contract and whether or not insurance is part of the package?

Here at Flexed, we specialise in short term car leases that include UK road tax, manufacturer warranty, breakdown cover and vehicle maintenance all as part of your lease contract, unfortunately the only thing we can’t offer our customers is insurance.

Just like buying a car or van outright, standard car insurance is not normally included as part of the sale and this also applies to vehicle leasing, therefore it’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the car or van you lease from us is covered with insurance.

However, we’ve made it easy. You can now add Fully Comprehensive Insurance cover for your vehicle as standard with all 28-day contracts. This means all you’d have to provide is fuel.

The vehicle you lease from Flexed remains the property of the finance provider for however long you drive it and they are the registered owner & keeper of the vehicle, holding onto the vehicle’s V5C logbook.

When applying for insurance on your lease vehicle, the policy holder must be same person as named on the lease agreement. However, a partner or spouse can be accepted rather than the named lease agreement holder or they can be listed as a named driver.

If you’ve opted for a Business Lease, the policy holder can be either a company director listed with Companies House or be in the company name.

The lease agreement holder must be named on the insurance certificate for the policy to be acceptable.

What Information Will I Need?

When taking out insurance for your lease vehicle, you’ll need to have some information ready to give to the insurance company such as registration number, make & model details, engine size, vehicle value and date of first registration – we’ll provide this information so that you can insure your lease car or van.

You’ll also be asked who the registered keeper is (finance provider), where the vehicle will be parked at night, what the car or van is to be used for (social, commercial etc.), your average annual mileage and whether you’ve been involved in an accident recently or have any current driving offences that need to be declared.

FLEXED - short term car leases

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We advise total honesty when talking to your insurance provider, as not being could backfire on you in the event of a claim and might invalidate your policy or lead to a non-payout.

If you have an existing policy, it might be possible to transfer it over onto your lease car or van. They must be informed that the new registration you’re transferring over to is a lease vehicle and that the registered owner & keeper of the vehicle is the finance provider.

Looking for the right vehicle insurance policy can be a daunting experience, even comparison websites can leave you confused and unsure as to whether you’re choosing the right one. Not all insurance providers appear on comparison websites, so it might be worth contacting a number of insurance companies directly – doing so could result in a cheaper quote.

Make sure your annual mileage is as accurate as possible, so you don’t end up paying for more miles than you actually cover.

Of course, some cars are cheaper to ensure than others. If you opt for a small hatchback rather than a large luxury SUV, these type of cars are generally cheaper to run and insure which makes them the ideal car for young drivers or those looking to lease a car on a budget.

Where your car is parked at night can have an effect on how much your insurance policy might be. Those who park on a driveway or in a garage rather than on the road tend to pay less for their insurance policy.

Please call 0800 311 8290 or email for further help and advice on insuring your lease car or van from Flexed.



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