How to defrost your car the right way

Icy mornings are upon us but please don’t be tempted to switch the kettle on!

Icy mornings are upon us and are a real nuisance for motorists wanting to just jump straight into their car and go.
Having to climb out of a warm bed only to find out your car is iced over can leave you wanting to jump right back under the covers but work or the school run is calling.
To ensure you’re out on the road as quickly and safely as possible, it’s important that you clear your car the right way.

Icy mornings are upon us but please don't be tempted to switch the kettle on!

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Sometimes being prepared can go a long way in saving you time and effort on a cold icy morning, so a windscreen cover positioned the night before might be one option. Even a piece of cardboard might help stop the ice from building up.
If you’re up and having to deal with an icy car then according to the RAC, you need to allow 10 minutes to ensure the windscreen is cleared properly by using a scraper and de-icer.
Go around the entire car and clear all windows, mirrors, lights and number plates to allow for safe visibility – you could end up in trouble with the police if you ignore them.
Keep the scraper and de-icer with you at all times in your vehicle, you might need them on your journey home.
Never use boiling water from a kettle on a frozen windscreen as this can cause it to crack, leaving you with an expensive repair bill and a greater chance of being late.
It’s also important to clear the inside of your windscreen before you set off. Start with a cool breeze before slowly increasing the temperature as it clears and NEVER leave your car running on the driveway to defrost unattended – someone could steal your car and you could get into trouble with the police as it’s illegal to leave a vehicle unattended with the engine running. It could even cost you a fine.
The RAC recommends not driving off until your windscreen, rear screen, side windows and door mirrors are free from ice, snow or condensation – not only is it dangerous, it’s also illegal.
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