Car insurance 'fronting' could land you in hot water

Many experienced drivers risk prosecution by ‘fronting’ for a new driver to save them money

There’s a common car insurance technique being used in the UK in order to help a new driver save money but if caught, the offending driver could be in serious trouble and find themselves being punished for fraud.
The offending driver could also face having to pay higher premiums and if involved in an accident, find that their insurer won’t pay out.
Young drivers are passing their test only to find out that car insurance is ridiculously expensive. The reason is mainly down to the fact that they’re new drivers with no real experience on the roads, meaning they’re more likely to crash.

Car insurance 'fronting' could land you in hot water

Many experienced drivers risk prosecution by ‘fronting’ for a new driver to save them money © Copyright Nigel Mykura and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

A technique used by many to lower the price of an insurance policy is for a parent or guardian with more experience to put the first time driver on their policy.
However, this is not a good idea and if caught, could see the offending driver being punished for ‘fronting’ their car insurance.
So what is ‘fronting’? This is when a driver tells their insurance company that they’re the main driver but really the car will be driven by someone else who is in fact the main driver.
This practice is used to help lower the cost of insurance premiums – an older driver with more experience puts a new driver on the car’s policy as a named driver rather than the main one.
The RAC claims that one in 10 parents in the UK would consider risking ‘fronting’ for their child just so they could save money on their insurance.
However, drivers are being warned not to as fronting is classed as an illegal act and even regarded as fraud.
If caught, your insurance premiums could increase dramatically and you could find yourself with a criminal record, not to mention that your insurance company could refuse to payout in the event of an accident and may even invalidate your policy.
The director at, Mr Simon McCulloch, is warning drivers about the consequences of fronting a policy.
“It’s worth remembering that penalty points and driving convictions can stay with drivers for years and can really have an impact on the cost of premiums. In summary, always answer insurance questions openly and honestly – any small saving in premium just isn’t worth the risk,” said Mr McCulloch.
New drivers can save money in other ways, such as enrolling for advanced driving courses or choosing to go down the black box route.
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