What happens at the end of my lease contract?

With short-term leasing, you can opt to end your lease after the minimum 28 days have expired. But because it’s a rolling 28 days, you have the option to lease for longer or swap to another make or model if you wish, and there are no additional charges to pay either.

Of course, at some point the time will come when your lease period ends and when this sad moment arrives, we expect the car or van that you lease from Flexed to be either returned by yourself or arrangements made for the collection of the vehicle by us.

Delivery and collection are not included within standard contracts; however, this can be arranged for wherever you are in the UK. To find out more, please call 0800 311 8290.

Whatever length of time you decide to lease for, when the vehicle is ready to be returned, we expect it to be in a fair condition (according to the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) guide).

Your lease car or van must be returned with:

  • Original key (and the spare if applicable) 
  • Any handbook or paperwork related to the vehicle should be present
  • The vehicle must be in a clean, satisfactory condition that complies with the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear guidelines

To ensure everything is okay with your returned vehicle, an inspection will be carried out both internally and externally to look for damage of any kind that could be classed as not covered by the BVRLA guide, and if anything is found, charges may be payable by yourself.

The mileage will also be checked to make sure you’ve stayed within your agreed mileage allowance. Again, if it’s determined that you’ve exceeded your allocated allowance, you’ll be charged a small fixed fee for every mile over that you’ve covered in your lease car or van.

End of your Lease

As our Personal or Business Lease contracts are classed as Personal Contract Hire (PCH) or Business Contract Hire (BCH) agreements, the car or van you lease cannot be purchased by yourself at the end of your contract, therefore the vehicle must be returned when your agreement comes to an end.

If you look after your lease car or van whilst it’s in your possession by ensuring it’s kept clean both inside and out, and any damage you know won’t be covered by the BVRLA guide is repaired to an excellent standard before the vehicle is returned, the end of lease process is simple and straightforward.

The best advice when your lease contract is coming to an end is to check over the car or van yourself to make sure everything is in good order. You could even ask for a second opinion from a friend or family member just in case you miss something. Always inspect the vehicle in good, clear light to avoid missing any faults.

It might be a good idea to have the car or van valeted ready for its inspection. This will help in removing any light body marks such as scuffs and will also ensure that both the inside and out are lovely and clean.

Don’t forget to check all four tyres too – look for any damage that might not be covered under the BVRLA guide to avoid extra charges.

If you’ve chosen to have a private registration plate fitted to your lease car, then it’s your responsibility to ensure it’s put onto retention in advance of the lease contract ending and the vehicle being returned. This process can take as long as six weeks, so thinking about this in good time is advisable.

Also, if you’ve carried out any kind of modifications to your lease car or van, such as adding company decals or having a tow bar fitted, these must be removed without causing any damage to the vehicle before the inspection.

It might sound obvious, but remove all personal items from the vehicle before it’s due to be returned, making sure to check the glovebox and seat pockets and don’t forget to remove any keys not related to the vehicle from your keyring!

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