What Is An Estate Car?

Lease an estate car on a short term contract with Flexed

Estate cars have been a popular choice amongst motorists for years. They come with a back extension, so there’s more boot space for those who need that extra room to carry the family belongings or a well-loved pet and come in very handy for sports enthusiasts with lots of equipment or to hold large amounts of luggage.

An estate car is a must for all those DIY enthusiasts who enjoy assembling flat-pack furniture – that’s after a trip to the store to purchase it first!

With an estate car, the boot lid opens up the same as it does on a hatchback, however there’s a handy huge square-shaped opening which makes loading and unloading much easier and allows for large bulky items to be stored with ease.

What Is An Estate Car?

The Volvo V60 estate 2.0 D3 Momentum – available to rent on a 28 day short term lease from Flexed.

Most estate cars feature folding rear seats which allow you to turn the space behind the front seats into something resembling a small van – handy for that flat-pack furniture we mentioned earlier.

The estate car tends to sit lower to the ground than their much taller competitor the SUV, so fuel costs are generally lower in comparison.

In the past, estate cars were known for being long, boring vehicles that only those with pets wanted to drive but this is no longer the case as more modern estate cars, whilst still offering the public that large boot space, ooze a lot more style and luxury, appealing to those motorists who like the idea of more storage space within a car they’d be happy to drive and be seen in.

No longer is the estate car an angular, boxy shape that we remember from the past but are more curved these days, making them more attractive to a wider motoring audience.

If a taller car is what you’re looking for to gain that all important maximum boot space, then an SUV or large crossover might be a better option (also available to lease at Flexed), however if all you’re wanting is extra grip when off-road, there’s a wide range of estate cars that now come with four-wheel drive to contend with challenging road surfaces.

There are many positive reasons why you should consider leasing an estate car. They don’t cost much more to run than a hatchback, they’re no longer frowned upon as a car with no style and the large boot space makes it the perfect choice for a big family or to carry pets in.

Carrying dogs with you in your car is allowed but they must be restrained properly to prevent them from roaming around loosely whilst the vehicle is moving. An estate car gives you that all important boot space to hold a dog crate/cage for your furry friend/s to travel in safely or a guard can be placed behind the back seat to stop your pooch from climbing over.

About Us

At Flexed, we have a fine selection of stylish and affordable estate cars available to lease for a minimum of 28 days.

If you’re looking to lease a car short term and storage space is a priority, then one of our comfortable and stylish estate cars will definitely meet your needs and for those motorists who love the idea of caring for the environment, take a look at the Toyota Auris Estate 1.8 Hybrid Icon Tech Auto – available on a 6 month lease from just £299.99 excl. VAT.

At Flexed, we have four stunning Volvo estate’s to choose from, starting at £409.99 excl. VAT. Which ever one you opt for, our 28 day price includes Road Tax, full manufacturer’s warranty, breakdown cover and maintenance.

We also have two beautiful Mercedes estate cars available to lease – the Mercedes C220d Estate 2.1 AMG Line Auto (£619.99 excl. VAT) and the Mercedes E220d Estate 2.1 AMG Line Auto (£669.99 excl. VAT), or you might be interested in the Mercedes GLC220d SUV 2.1 AMG Line Auto at £749.99 excl. VAT.

When you lease from Flexed, all that’s left for you to take care of is the fuel and insurance cover, then you’re ready for off!


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