The UK's worst places for car crime have been revealed

A shocking 1 in 3 Londoners have been targeted by car vandals whilst parked up near their home

The worst places in the UK to drive have been revealed. Bradford, Manchester and London have been confirmed as the worst areas in Britain for car crime, vandalism and dangerous driving.

The new figures have been compiled from official 2016 police data, information on claims from Rias Insurers, and consumer research.

The UK's worst places for car crime revealed - London, Manchester and Bradford are the worst

A shocking 1 in 3 Londoners have been targeted by car vandals © Copyright Oxyman and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

The people of London have suffered the most when it comes to vandalism. An alarming 1 in 3 Londoners, or 33%, have been targeted by car vandals whilst being parked up near their home. This figure is a fair way ahead of the places sharing second position, with 13% of Glasgow and Leeds residents having been the victim of car vandals.

However, the UK’s capital doesn’t top the worst place list when it comes to the highest car crime rate – that goes to Manchester.

In Manchester, a staggering 192 car crimes per 10,000 vehicles have occurred. Compare this to Glasgow who finished 10th, where only 48 car crimes per 10,000 vehicles was recorded.

The UK’s capital city came third overall for car crime: 162 car crimes per 10,000 registered vehicles.

Only 7% of Bradford residents have been the target of car vandalism. However, driving on the streets of the city is a different matter, with 64% of residents believing that the roads in Bradford are unsafe. Over half of Bradford’s motorists say that other drivers consistently break the speed limits.

The place with the lowest car vandalism offences and where residents believe their roads to be the safest in the UK is Liverpool.

London, Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham and Edinburgh were the top five cities where vandalism crime was highest.
The top five places for having unsafe roads were Bradford, Bristol, London, Leeds and Sheffield.

Rias Insurance have taken the 10 most populated cities in the UK and positioned them based on the information gathered.

The least safe areas for cars in the UK ranked:

1. London
2. Bradford
3. Leeds
4. Manchester
5. Birmingham
6. Sheffield
7. Bristol
8. Edinburgh
9. Glasgow
10. Liverpool’s top car crime prevention tips:

1. Remember to lock your car – the boot, sunroof and windows!
2. Don’t leave valuables on show inside your vehicle.
3. When parking next to a kerb, turn your wheels inwards towards the kerb.
4. Park near to lighting and if parking in a car park, always try and park in amongst the other cars.
5. Don’t just rely on your car alarm and immobiliser – invest in some other anti-theft devices such as a steering wheel lock or even a tracking device.
6. Consider using locking wheel nuts if you have alloys and maybe some theft-resistant number plates.
7. If parking in a supermarket car park or shopping centre, park as close to the entrance as possible and near other cars.
8. If you have a driveway, use it!
9. Drive into your driveway rather than reversing to make it harder to steal and turn the wheels.
10. Consider investing in CCTV cameras and security lighting around your property.

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