The UK's slowest motorway revealed!

With an average speed of 25.05 miles per hour in 2016, the M25 is crowned the slowest

The M25 has been officially named the slowest motorway in the UK, a revelation that will certainly come as no great surprise to many long-suffering London commuters.
Vehicle tracking company Satrak has been analysing data from over 527,000 cars and can reveal that the average speed recorded by motorists travelling on the London circling M25 in 2016 was a soul-destroying 25.05 miles per hour.

M25 is the slowest motorway in the UK

The M25 circling London is often congested

Second place was awarded to the M4 which stretches between the English capital and South Wales. Drivers using this motorway last year managed an average speed of 30.46mph.
The results at the top of the table come as no surprise, considering the hustle and bustle surrounding London. However, the remaining top five places are all situated in the north of the UK, including the M73 connecting Glasgow and North Lanarkshire, which rounded out the top five with an average speed of 42.32mph.
The M606 in West Yorkshire was the third slowest motorway, with drivers motoring along at an average of 40.68mph in 2016. In fourth place was the M621 loop used by those travelling in and out of Leeds, with drivers reaching 42.32mph on average on this stretch.
The managing director at Satrak, Dan Walton, commented on the findings: “It’s little surprise to find that the M25 is in fact the slowest motorway. We undertake work throughout the country and usually find the M25 to be the most cumbersome…”
However, Satrak also analysed city driving data and the results were a little more surprising than those for the motorways.
It was Cambridge city centre that was found to have the slowest average speed of just 13.73mph, followed by Hereford at 14.09mph, and then London coming in unexpectedly in third place with drivers reaching 14.59mph on average here.
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