Skoda Yeti Review

2014 Skoda Yeti Picture
The new Skoda Yeti has been turning heads since it was launched in an ice cube early in 2014. With a new 4WD drivetrain the new 2.0 TDI Yeti is one of the most exciting crossover SUVs on the market.

Here’s what the experts have had to say about Skoda’s new release!

Whatcar were full of compliments for the new Yeti, giving it an impressive four star review.
Their deputy road test editor, Vicky Parrot, said: “The Yeti is still one of the best small SUVs, particularly in terms of its flexible seating and composed driving dynamics.”

Auto Express:
Auto Express went one further and handed the Yeti an attention-grabbing five star review, reserving special praise for its spacious interior and excellent handling.

They said of the Yeti: “There’s excellent grip, sharp steering and far less body roll than in the Nissan Qashqai, and the Yeti’s lively nature means it’s far more fun in corners than any crossover has any right to be.”

Adding that: “Opting for four-wheel-drive gives this family crossover excellent grip in mud, snow or other rough terrain, while the system also softens throttle response to minimise wheel spin and helps the car to descend steep hills in a slow and controlled fashion.”

Daily Mail:

The Daily Heaped more praise on the Yeti, with reviewer Andrew English claiming that “there can be few things as perfectly proportioned as a Yeti.”
He said: “The Yeti continues to prove that driving an SUV can be fun and doesn’t have to make you look like an environmental squander bug.”


Autocar were also keen on the new Yeti, with editor Jim Holder proclaiming that “The practical and flexible Yeti might just be the best Skoda yet”.

Their four star review concluded of the 2014 Yeti: “As an amalgamation of established VW Group hardware, it is pieced together about as cleverly and distinctively as one could hope; as a well-engineered example of functionality and ease of use, it is potentially precisely as good as it needs to be.”

Conclusion on the 2014 Skoda Yeti:

So there we have it. 2014 is the year of the Yeti, and critics agree, this car can offer you everything you need from a crossover SUV. The Yeti combines practicality and drivability as part of an all-wheel-drive SUV that can take you on and off road with ease.

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