Skoda Yeti frozen in a block of ice

Skoda have launched their new model of the award-winning Yeti, by freezing it in a giant ice cube.
The car was encapsulated in a huge block of ice to celebrate the launch of the Skoda Yeti and the Skodas Yeti Outdoor on 20 February.

The exhibition was apparently inspired by research conducted by Skoda suggesting that 80% of Britons crave more excitement in their lives.
In a study of 2000 Britons, Skoda found that a third of those who responded had “serious plans” to escape their current daily routine, while 51% of the respondents said they had escapist fantasies at least once a month.
Sarah Chapman, communications manager for Skoda, said “These results confirm that deep down, a large number of us are dreaming of fulfilling our sense of adventure.
She went on to claim that the frozen Skoda Yeti was in fact designed as a metaphor representing the desire to break free.
“This feeling of needing to balance the day-to-day life and the desire for a new adventure is something we, at Skoda, can relate to. This is why we’ve launched the new Yeti and Yeti Outdoor – one perfect for city living, the other built for adventure.”, she said.
The car remained frozen throughout the day, with passers-by given the opportunity to win the car if they could guess its weight.

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