Pokemon Go causing road collisions!

Motorists throughout the world involved in car accidents after becoming distracted by Pokemon Go game

According to reports, the new Pokemon Go craze currently sweeping the globe has already caused road accidents in some countries, including the U.S.A and Australia!
The smartphone game is a downloadable app available for iOS and Android. Since its initial release on July 6 this year, the Niantic game has experienced unbelievable success; it now has more users than dating app Tinder and is reportedly earning Nintendo £1.2 million per day in in-app sales.
The Pokemon game has already caused controversy across the world in its short lifetime. It is seen as potentially dangerous as users are supposed to hunt the real-world for hidden Pokemon characters.
Some people and organisations have suggested that this could be abused by bad people who want to lure lone people to quiet areas.
However, criminals are not the only people Pokemon Go users should be aware of… According to reports from the ABC news agency, drivers have been getting themselves into a spot of bother while playing the addictive game behind the wheel!
The reports say a woman in Toowoomba, Australia, bumped her car into another vehicle while playing Pokemon Go, while a 28-year-old motorist in New York crashed into a tree while distracted by the game.
Auto body mechanic, Darren Holme, who attended the accident in Australia, told ABC news agency: “There were cars pulled over everywhere obviously chasing Pokemon… Everybody was on their phones.”
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