New report says more women needed in auto industry

The new report claims that the auto industry could do more to encourage female presence in leadership roles

The report carried out by consultancy firm EY claims that there are not enough women holding leadership roles within the automotive industry, resulting in a conspicuous gender gap.
EY, a global organisation providing assurance and advisory services, carried out a survey of 350 executives from 20 countries from within six industries, including 50 executives from the automotive industry.
According to the findings, 56 per cent of those asked agreed that women are “a critical source of underutilized talent” within the auto industry.
When asked if “diversity of thought and experience will be the key to navigate sector transformation”, 56 per cent of the male executives agreed, while 89 per cent of the female executives agreed.
The surveyed, titled ‘Respond to industry volatility without gender diversity? Think again’ was carried out by EY in late 2015 to find out how global businesses are tackling “gender diversity and disruption”.
The survey results suggest that there is a significant gender gap present within the automotive industry and there is no current movement which suggests an imminent change will take place.
In fact, only 12 per cent of those surveyed expect an increase of women in senior leadership roles within the next five years.
According to EY’s findings, only 17 per cent of automotive companies in North America have formal leadership programs for the development of women. This is compared to 19 per cent in Asia-Pacific and 29 per cent in Europe.
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