Under new plans Hybrid cars could be banned by 2040 in the UK

To help improve air quality, all new petrol & diesel vehicles will cease to be available from 2040

A large number of hybrid cars could face being banned from UK roads by 2040 in a bid to reduce emissions and improve the air quality.
In 2017, an announcement was made confirming that new petrol and diesel vehicles will cease to be available from 2040 to help improve air quality across the country and now it looks as though certain hybrid cars will no longer be allowed.
According to leaked plans, under the new proposal any new car that can’t travel over 50 miles on just electricity will be unavailable to motorists.

To help improve the quality of UK air, petrol and diesel vehicles will cease to be available from 2040

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This means that a massive 98% of cars available today under the new proposals would be banned, so cars like the Toyota Prius would cease to be allowed on UK roads.
Also, about 50 hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles available on today’s market would be classed as environmentally unfriendly.
The new proposals have been slammed by the car industry who claim that ban messages are misleading the public.
“We cannot support ambition levels which do not appreciate how industry, the consumer or the market operate and which are based neither on fact nor substance,” said Mike Hawes, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).
Mr Hawes added: “If Government wants the UK to be a global leader in zero emission transport, it must provide a world class package of incentives and support to make this a credible policy.”
Following the announcement last year banning petrol and diesel vehicles in the future, Michael Gove unveiled their Road to Zero policy, which includes making sure the right infrastructure is put in place with enough charging points and energy supply.
“Consumers need clear information about the right vehicles for their driving needs and it is again disappointing for both industry and consumers that vitally important information about government policy is being communicated by leaks,” said Mr Hawes.
The reports have been disputed by a spokesman for the Department for Transport (DfT) who said: “We do not comment on leaked draft documents.”
Their spokesman also went on to say that the Road to Zero policy has yet to be finalised, with no agreement made up to now by ministers.
“It is categorically untrue that Government is planning to ban the sale of hybrid [and plug-in hybrid] cars in the UK by 2040,” said the spokesman for the DfT.
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