New hydrogen-powered car unveiled in Wales

Riversimple Movement Ltd unveil its new hydrogen-powered prototype car

A Welsh-made hydrogen-powered prototype car has been unveiled in Wales ahead of the initial 12 month trial which it is to undergo before being released to the general public.
The road-legal prototype Rasa was developed by Riversimple Movement Ltd in Powys with the aid of a £2 million grant from the Welsh Government. The environmentally-friendly hydrogen-powered car emits only water and is said to achieve 0-60mph (the Rasa’s top speed) in 10 seconds.
The prototype trial is being backed by the European Union, who have granted £1.6 million to get the Rasa up and running for commercial leasing. The trial will last for 12 months, during which time, Riversimple Movement Ltd will test the performance, efficiency and safety of the prototype.
The Rasa developers hope that, following a successful trial, the highly-efficient car will be available for leasing in 2018, and the company will be employing a team of 220 people at its production site.
Professor Garel Rhys, who works with the Welsh Government in the development and promotion of low-carbon vehicles, said: “Hydrogen fuel cell technology is in its infancy … and they (Riversimple) are at the cutting-edge.”
The technology behind the two-seater Rasa involves the mixing of hydrogen and oxygen in the fuel cell, where water and electricity are then produced, driving the vehicle’s four wheels. The fuel cell is much smaller than those found in ordinary petrol and diesel cars; this is possible because of the incredibly lightweight design of the Rasa.

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