Netherlands could ban petrol and diesel vehicles by 2025

Dutch parliament passes motion would could result in the ban of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2025

The Dutch parliament has passed a motion which could see the ban of petrol and diesel vehicle sales in the Netherlands by 2025.
The eco-concept was first introduced by the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) and has since gained support from members of the Dutch parliament, which has recently passed the motion. However, before it can be passed as a law, the motion must first be approved by the Dutch senate.
If the Dutch senate passes through the motion, the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles in Holland would be banned by 2025, paving the way for an electric and hydrogen-powered monopoly. At present, the Dutch populace purchases one electric or hydrogen-powered vehicle for every ten petrol or diesel vehicles.
Similar eco-plans have been discussed in other European countries, including the UK, France and Norway, where the government wants to disallow the use of personal cars in Oslo by 2019.
If this proposal is approved, Oslo residents and visitors would have to rely upon public transport, taxis and mobility services, like those provided by Uber and BMW’s new DriveNow car-sharing scheme.
Meanwhile, in the UK, the government is considering introducing a Ultra Low Emissions Zone in London’s current congestion zone, resulting in further charges for high-emission vehicles. Other major cities throughout England, including Birmingham and Leeds, could see the introduction of their own London style low emission zones by 2020.
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