Leasing Fair Wear & Tear Guide from Flexed

The following is a guide to explain in more detail how the Fair Wear & Tear process works when leasing a car from Flexed.

Also included in the guide is some advice on how you should look after your lease vehicle whilst in your care and the preventative action you can take to ensure your lease car is kept looking in excellent condition so as to avoid end of contract charges.

What is Fair Wear & Tear?

This is the natural deterioration that happens to a car from normal daily use for the length of the lease term. It has nothing to do with any damage that may be caused because of an accident or from poor maintenance of the vehicle.

When your lease car is ready to be returned at the end of your lease contract, the vehicle will be inspected for any damage not covered under the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear guide. If any damage is found that doesn’t fall under this guide, you will be responsible for having to pay penalty charges.

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Leasing Fair Wear & Tear Guide from Flexed

The guide is relevant to both personal and business customers, so it’s in your best interest to look after and maintain your lease car whilst it’s in your possession.

Who Are the BVRLA?

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) are the trade body for the leasing industry and their guideline explains the rules associated with what constitutes fair wear & tear.

Whilst the BVRLA provide general guidelines for leasing customers to follow, your finance provider may have their own fair wear & tear rules that you must adhere to which will be based predominantly on the BVRLA guide.

You can request a copy of the Fair Wear & Tear guideline as you approach the end of your contract – 0800 311 8290.

End-Of-Lease inspections

Some of the biggest problems found upon inspection of a lease car that mean a customer will have to pay end of lease charges include tears, holes or burns on the seats, chips or dents to the bodywork, scratches and scuffs to the paintwork and damage to wheels and trims.

These kind of problems can be avoided if you take the time to look after your lease car for the period of time it’s in your care. Keeping the interior and exterior clean, tidy and free from any sort of damage will ensure a smooth return of your lease vehicle and therefore no end of contract charges to pay.

Our advice to customer’s is to prepare for the end of your leasing contract well in advance of the actual date your lease term is up. Carry out your own thorough interior and exterior inspection of your lease car so that any damage not covered under the Fair Wear & Tear guide can be rectified by yourself.

Carry out your own inspection in good light and in dry conditions. You could ask a friend or family member to help you, just in case your eyes miss something that they might see.

You might need to contact your finance provider before any repair work is carried out and the work must be undertaken by an accredited garage who will carry out the work to a professional standard.

Cleaning your lease car both inside and out whilst in your possession will ensure the vehicle is kept in good all-round condition. Polishing the paintwork a couple of times a year (on a 12 month contract) could help to reduce the effects that stone chips, bird droppings and general dirt and grime will have on the exterior of your lease car.

How To Avoid End of Contract Charges

  • When your contract is coming to an end, the interior should be cleaned, valeted and cleared of all rubbish. All the fittings should be intact and the seats should be clean and odour free with no visible signs of stains, rips or burns.
  • Every panel should be inspected for damage and don’t forget to check the roof! Crouch down at the front and rear of your lease car and look down each side for damage so nothing is missed.
  • Check all the windows, lamps and mirrors for any signs of damage such as chips or cracks. Inspect the wheels, trims and tyres for damage and don’t forget the spare wheel!
  • Make sure all the controls on the dashboard are fully functioning, as well as the audio equipment.
  • All your personal items must be removed from the vehicle, including mobile phone holders etc..
  • Your personal information should also be erased from the vehicle’s sat nav or media system.
  • All documentation related to your lease car must be in the vehicle and both sets of keys must be returned with the vehicle – please remember to remove any keys not related to the lease car beforehand.
  • The lease car must be roadworthy, with no warning lights illuminated on the dashboard and there should be around 50 miles of fuel left in the vehicle when returned.


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