How To Look After Your Car During A Heatwave

As the hot weather continues, drivers need to be made aware of the possible dangers it could have on our cars


As the heatwave continues and weather experts predict records could be broken in some parts of the country, drivers are being warned about the possible dangers the hot weather could be having on our cars.

In London, the temperatures have reached 34 degrees – one of the highest levels seen in the UK for years and if it continues, could break the record high of 38.5 degrees from 2003.

However, as pleasant as the hot weather is, a heatwave can sometimes create issues for drivers – having to deal with the intense heat inside their car, as well as the glare of the sun beating down but it can also play havoc with out cars too.

There’s around 40.3 million drivers on the road who hold a full driving licence in the UK, that’s a lot of drivers who need to make sure their cars are fully prepared for the hot weather.

As The hot weather continues, drivers need to be made aware of the possible dangers it could have on our cars

How To Look After Your Car During A Heatwave.

New research suggests that around 4.4 million motorists up and down the country are not ensuring that their vehicle is ready for the road during the heatwave and with meteorologists predicting this summer could be the hottest since 1976, drivers in the UK are being urged to take precautions.

Over two million motorists (5%) could end up in a sticky situation because of the heat damaging their tyres and despite this, 62% admitted to not even checking whether their tyres are in good condition before driving off.

An alarming 84% confessed to not checking their car battery during the summer months, which is when it’s at risk of the water evaporating and causing acid to corrode the car plates.

Moreover, seven out of 10 drivers (69%) will fail to check the oil level of their car, which basically keeps it cool during the hot weather.

To avoid issues with your car during the heatwave, the best advice is to check your vehicle over before you set off on a journey, the same as you would during the winter months.


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