Fuel prices in the UK rose the highest for 18 years in May

Filling up a typical family car now costs drivers more than £70 per month!

Fuel prices in the UK rose the highest for 18 years in May, with an average increase of 6p in just a month, meaning drivers are having to pay more to fill up their tank than ever before.

Filling up a family car now costs drivers more than £70 per month as motorists are faced with the biggest jump in fuel prices for 18 years.

On average, the cost of petrol increased by 5.98p during the month of May, forcing drivers to pay around £3.29 more for a tank of fuel. The price for unleaded jumped from 123.43p to 129.41p, making the cost for motorists filling up a 55-litre car at around £71.18 every time they visit the forecourts.

According to the RAC however who compiled the figures, it’s drivers of diesel cars who faced an even bigger rise as they described May as a ‘hellish’ month for motorists in the UK.
A litre of diesel on average increased in price during the month of May by 6.12p from 126.27p to 132.39p – which in turn means filling up an average family car cost £3.37 more resulting in a £72.81 a month fuel bill.

The rise of diesel prices is the worst increase since the beginning of 2000 but still has a fair way to go before reaching the 8.43p a litre increase a decade ago.
However, at motorway service stations up and down the country the price increases are much worse, as the cost of filling up a family diesel car at these pumps rose by £3.68 to £81.29 because the price of a litre of diesel shot up by 6.69p to 147.80p.

Drivers of petrol cars aren’t fairing much better either, as the price of unleaded has crept up by 6.37p to 144.75p, meaning motorists are having to fork out £3.50 more for a full tank at £79.61.

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