Ford Motor Co. want to become “mobility company”

With the release of its mobility app, FordPass, Ford Motor Co. are attempting to break into the world of mobility services, with the aim of paying its customers a little back “after the purchase”.
The FordPass app is to be released in the US in April and is designed to offer mobility and transportation services on-the-go. The app will be downloadable for free and will be available to anyone with a mobile device, regardless of their vehicle manufacturer, but Ford owners will be able to enjoy extra perks.
Ford want its new app “to do for car owners what iTunes did for music fans”; the app will allow users to search for ride-sharing, find and pay for parking, access FordGuides, and, for Ford drivers, there will be member-exclusive bonuses offered by partners like, McDonalds, 7-Eleven and airlines.

Ford Motor Co. want to be a "mobility company"

Ford to release mobile app “FordPass”

Ford owners will also be able to use the new FordPass app to monitor oil, fuel, tyre and battery levels, as well as connect to a car-tracking system and remotely lock and unlock their Ford vehicle.
Ford chief executive, Mark Fields, said at the Detroit Motor Show: “Great companies have better relationships with their customers and also better revenues and stock prices … We want to revolutionise the customer experience in the automotive industry.”
The app will be released in USA and Canada initially but is due to be released in Europe, Brazil and China later this year.

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