What does your car's colour say about you? Car colour psychology

Does a black car really say that you’re better in bed?

The colour of your car could say a lot about your personality, and could even determine the style of your driving.

That’s the view of a leading car leasing company that finds that black cars are more likely to be in an accident, while their drivers claim to be better in bed.

Flexed.co.uk says that – on the other hand – silver cars are more likely to be bought by drivers with a more mature and less risk-taking outlook on life. Statistically, silver cars are the least likely to get into crashes.

“Colour psychology is a genuine discipline that studies people’s behaviour depending on colour preferences,” says Flexed.co.uk spokesperson Mark Hall, “And we think that the choice of your car’s colour is an extension of your personality.”

Flexed.co.uk make this claim after asking over 1550 drivers of new cars which colour they chose and why.
“We found that people who were buying or leasing executive cars preferred black because they thought it befitted their status,” Hall said. “And that’s why you see so many business types driving black BMWs and Audis.”

Flexed also said that white is also a popular colour for new cars because people said that they wanted to show that they have good taste and live a modern lifestyle. “White is clearly a choice for people who want to say ‘Look at me and my new car!’,” says Hall, “and there’s nothing wrong with that”.

Colour is the factor that new car buyers take the longest over when purchasing their new vehicle, Hall says. “Of all the options the new owner is faced with, this is the one that clearly causes the most stress. We’ve seen couples falling out over choice of colour – it’s a battle of wills.”

According to colour psychologists who have studied car colours and their drivers:

• Black: Dangerous, rebellious. Black cars are far and away more likely to be involved in an accident and a road rage incident. However, black is also used to denote power, which is why it is a popular choice in executive cars. They also claim to be better in bed.
• White: Modern and tasteful. White is the most popular colour for new cars as it shows a driver’s desire to have the latest products. Apple products reflect the same desire. Most likely colour for a family car.
• Red: Extrovert drivers choose a red car. They’re also more likely to drive faster thinking the colour makes them more visible, giving them a false sense of security. Likely to be angry behind the wheel.
• Blue: Happy and confident. Blue car drivers are more likely to let you out at a road junction
• Silver: Safer, more mature. Silver is the car least likely to be involved in a car accident and use less petrol
• Brown: Dull, introverted, doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd. More likely to be the victim of an accident
• Green: Unfashionable, don’t care what people think. People have stopped buying green cars to show off their green credentials. It’s now seen as a colour of rebellion. Green drivers are least likely to let you out at a road junction.
• Blue and white: You’re a police officer.

Flexed says that while these are not hard and fast rules, there is circumstantial evidence that driver’s behaviour can actually change in different colour vehicles. “Put an executive driver into a silver car and see them slow down by 20 mph. Your surroundings define how you behave.”

There is one claim that is yet to hold any water, according to Flexed.co.uk.

“We’re yet to find any proof of the fact that drivers of black cars are better in bed,” says Hall.

“It could be that they’re liars as well as dangerous and rebellious.”

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