BMW unveil bullet-proof BMW X5

Fancy yourself as the new 007? With BMW’s armoured X5 you could certainly look the part.
The BMW X5 “security plus” has been unveiled, offering its owner a bullet-proof cabin reinforced with steel panels.
Bullet Proof BMW X5
If you are expecting to be tracked down by an gun-wielding assassin anytime soon, it will come as good news to you that the new BMW can withstand a barrage of bullets from an AK47, with polycarbonate glass coating helping to protect shatter-proof windows..
Doors are surrounded by sealed joints, and under the bonnet you will find 450bhp V8 Turbo working with an all-wheel-drive system, giving the vehicle both on and off road capabilities.
The X5 also boasts kevlar flooring, a reinforced radiator and additional options include a siren system and LED strobe lights in the grille.
The armoured BMW is set to make its first appearance at the Moscow motor show this year and customers can expect to have to part with around $180,000 if they want to acquire one.

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