BMW i8 – Short term sports car lease

The BMW i8 2 Door Hybrid Coupe – Now in stock!

Our favourite car on fleet has just come back into stock! Available in Sophisto Grey with Halo pack, the car will most definitely turn heads wherever it travels to. Drive your dream car on our affordable ‘sports car lease’ deal with the minimum commitment being just 28 days.
Hybrid two door sports car Sports car lease

The BMW i8 – What is it?

This two door Hybrid Coupe is one of BMW’s latest innovation combining both efficiency and speed into one vehicle. Because of this, you can expect this car to go like the clappers when it needs to as well as returning you a decent MPG figure.
The car has two engines, a 1.5 litre petrol engine found at the rear of the vehicle and an electric motor at the front. Using its clever on-board BMW computer, it will choose which engine to use depending on how it’s driven. As a result of this, the combined power of both the engines would be 357bhp with 570Nm of torque! Meaning that the car can get to 62 mph from a standing start in under 4.4 seconds. The MPG figure is not something to be scoffed at either – you can expect over 120 mpg ‘real world driving’.
Aside from its impressive stats, the car comes laden with technology as standard from BMW. Customers can expect to have; Satellite Navigation with real live time traffic information, LED headlamps and heads up display amongst the others. Did I also mention the dihedral butterfly doors?!
In conclusion, it’s very easy to see why this is one of our most favourite cars on fleet!

Short term sports car lease..

The i8 is part of our short term sports car lease package, where you are not committed or tied into a long term contract. Customers are able to lease this one-off car as part of our rolling 28 day contract, where you can return the vehicle at any point after the initial period.
Prices start from £2,250.00+VAT.
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