BMW 3-Series Review

The BMW 3 series has been hailed as the most perfect compact executive saloon on the market.
The 3 series has long been a standard bearer for excellence, and the latest model continues in the vein of those fine traditions.
Expansion too, is now part of the 3-series’ game, with the creation of the first ever all-wheel-drive 3 series, the xDrive, and a new hybrid model that offers drivers 306bhp at 47.9mpg.
BMW 3-Series 2014 Picture
If the bodywork of the 3-series is distinctive and iconic, the interior is equally impressive.
Boasting a larger and more comfortable cabin than before, especially in the back where passengers can now enjoy increased leg-room, the 3-series has upped its game internally.
The dash also has a new luxurious layout, and the 3-series comes with the vast range of desirable features that you’d expect from an executive BMW.
How does the car drive? Its predecessor was celebrated for its superb handling and control, and the new breed has advanced further, providing you with an even smoother ride than before.
It’s difficult to suggest how BMW might improve the cars ride, the steering is super responsive and balanced perfectly, while the cars suspension work very well with its tyres.
Running costs too, will be music to the ears of all fans of BMW. With a fantastic fuel economy of 68.9 miles per gallon, and low CO2 emissions of 109g/km, keeping the £ series on the road might have less of an impact on your wallet than you might expect.
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