Over 8,000 motorists caught drink-driving twice over the past five years..

And an alarming 449 motorists were caught three times during the same period!

New figures announced by the DVLA show that over 8,000 motorists in the UK have been caught drink driving twice over the past five years.
The Press Association’s Freedom of Information request found that over 200,000 motorists were pulled over for drink-driving during the five-year period. What’s even more alarming, however, is the fact that two motorists were caught an unbelievable six times.
Edmund King, President of the AA, was astonished to discover that 8,000 motorists had been pulled over twice during this five-year period, especially when considering the fact that these drivers shouldn’t have been on the road for at least a year or maybe longer.

Over 8,000 motorists caught drink-driving twice over the past five years..

Over 8,000 motorists caught drink-driving twice over the past five years © Copyright Lewis Clarke and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Mr King has asked for a review into rehabilitation courses and medical checks, which are made available to drivers found guilty of being over the limit.
Drivers caught during the period in question, which was from 2011 to 2015, had received DR10 endorsements, meaning they had been found guilty of attempting to drive or caught driving whilst being over the legal alcohol limit.
Motorists convicted of a drink-driving offence usually receive a hefty fine, a driving ban for a year at the least, and could also face up to six months in jail.
However, if the driver chooses to take part in a rehabilitation course, their driving ban could be reduced.
Motorists not considered a “high risk offender” by the DVLA as can apply to have their licence reinstated after their ban has come to an end but must fill out a health questionnaire.
During the five year-period from 2011 to 2015, information gathered as a result of the Freedom of Information request discovered that 219,000 motorists were found guilty for one drink-driving offence during that time, 8,068 motorists were caught and convicted twice, and an alarming 449 drivers were found guilty of three drink-driving offences.
Despite these alarming revelations by the DVLA, the number of convictions for drink-driving offences have dropped from 53,885 in 2011, to 42,587 in 2015.
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