The 123 deal is back! For one week only.

123 Deal – (July 10-14)

We’re here to make your first rental experience with us that little bit cheaper. So for one week only, we’ve decided to bring back our famous 123 deal. However, it won’t last long! Choose from one of three options below, whichever suits you best, to get the best deal possible on your brand new lease.

1. Free Delivery 

Any cars ordered with this first option will have the first 150 miles of their delivery charge waived for free. Standard delivery rates from us are charged at £1.20+VAT per mile. This is calculated from delivered outside of our York central office. Saving a potential amount of around £216.00 (Incl. VAT) off your first rental charge.
For any deliveries outside of the 150 miles radius, the standard delivery charge will apply. Please note this deal is only applicable for a one-way journey. At the end of your lease you may be charged the standard collection fee or alternatively, you can drop the car off in York free of charge.

2. NO Set Up Fee

New contracts created with us, are normally charged with a standard admin fee. This one off charge won’t be applicable at any point after you collect your vehicle. However for this this week only, if this option has been chosen you won’t have to pay any additional fees. What’s more, if you collect from York, the charge that will apply to you is your first rental amount. Meaning you could get a brand new car, with Road Tax, Maintenance and Breakdown cover for as little as £240 (Incl. VAT).
You don’t even have to commit to anything. This deal is only available through Flexed Car Leasing.

3. Mileage Upgrade

Our final option. All contracts come equipped with a standard mileage allowance of around 1,250 miles a month or 15,000 miles per year. Not enough? No problem. Choose this option and you can upgrade your mileage to the next bracket for free. We’ll give you 5,000 extra miles per year, for free.
Please note all our mileages are worked out on a pro-rata daily basis. Meaning, we’ll take your average mileage across the amount of days rental completed in your car to determine your true annual mileage. Anything over the specified brackets will be charged as per your agreement with us.
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