10 Scary Songs To Play This Halloween 🧙

Get Those Bones Shakin’ As You Drive Your Lease Car… That’s If You Dare To Listen! ☠️


It’s Halloween this Sunday and unlike last year, when knocking on neighbours’ doors was banned because of the pandemic, this year we’re all once again allowed to roam free and knock on as many doors as we like – as long as we cover up with scary masks instead!

And of course, once the kids have finished saying ‘Trick or Treat’ at as many doors as they can manage in their spookiest of costumes, it’s time to head back home to see what goodies they’ve been given and for parents to enjoy a drink and some snacks with friends and family but of course, what do you need for a Halloween Party… scary music of course!

That’s where we step in, as we thought it might be helpful to offer up our very own 10 scary songs to play this weekend and of course, as you drive in your lease car when you nip to the shops on Sunday for those last-minute Halloween Party essentials.

We’ve chosen songs that all have a spine-chilling connection to Halloween in the title but will have you shakin’ those bones into the night as you share the evening with loved ones.

 👻 10 Scary Songs To Play This Halloween:

1. Jellyfish – The Ghost At Number One
2. Wild Rivers – Howling
3. The Rasmus – In The Shadows
4. David Myhr – Spellbound
5. The Psychedelic Furs – The Ghost In You
6. Fionn – Skeleton
7. Sam Outlaw – Ghost Town
8. Trunky Juno – I’m Just As Scared As You Are
9. James – Curse Curse
10. BOY – Fear

And remember, if you need to go out in your lease car this Halloween, you can play these spooktacular songs whilst you drive along – that’s if you dare!

So, there you have it… 10 scary songs to play at your Halloween Party in 2021 or in your new lease car from Flexed.

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🦇 Happy Halloween To All Our Customers – Have A Fangtastic Day! 🧛



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