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Lease Your Favourite Estate Car Today At FLEXED

Superb Range of Estate Cars Available to Lease Short Term If you love driving an estate car but don’t like the idea of being tied in to any kind of long term leasing contract, you’ve come to right website, as we have a superb range... View Article

Lease A New Audi Today With FLEXED

Audi make some of the most luxurious vehicles on the road today and stand out as one of the top luxury vehicle manufacturer’s of the moment, competing with the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Lexus and Porsche. The Audi brand is synonymous with producing cars... View Article

Does Short Term Car Leasing Include Maintenance?

What other benefits are included on a short term lease from FLEXED? When you lease a new car from Flexed, the price you’ll pay every month includes vehicle maintenance for however long you lease the car for. Our maintenance costs are provided in the rental... View Article

Awesome Offers This November At FLEXED

Explosive deals to take advantage of this Guy Fawkes Day!! Guy Fawkes Day/Bonfire Night celebrations will get underway this evening across the UK, with huge bonfires and explosive fireworks lighting up the sky as we join together with friends and family on this traditional annual... View Article

Scarily Low Prices This Halloween at FLEXED

Short Term Car Leases You’ll Want To Scream About! Why not treat yourself to a new car on a short term lease this Halloween – there’s no tricks involved when you lease a car from Flexed! Our short term lease contracts enable you to drive... View Article

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Winter Driving In Your Lease Car From FLEXED

How To Stay Safe On The Roads This Winter Winter brings heavy rain, wind, fog, ice, snow, cold days and long, dark nights – the perfect recipe for tricky and hazardous road conditions. Driving in these kind of conditions can be extremely challenging, even those... View Article

Peugeot Lease Deals At FLEXED

At Flexed, we offer a wide range of vehicles to lease from some of the world’s biggest car manufacturer’s and we are proud to say we have a number of Peugeot models available on our website for customers to choose from. If you enjoy driving... View Article

Lease A New BMW Today With FLEXED

When you think of a BMW car, the words that immediately spring to mind are luxury, class, stylish, comfort and performance. Every model that BMW produces is stunning to look at and awesome to drive, making it the ideal family car or perfect company car... View Article

Commercial Vehicles For Short Term Leasing at FLEXED

Commercial Leasing at Flexed Our selection of commercial vehicles are the perfect choice for both individuals and small to medium or large sized companies who are looking for a reliable vehicle to help with the transportation of large bulky items. All the vans we have... View Article

Need some advice on your leasing options?

Complete our enquiry form now and one of our expert advisers will call you back within the hour.