Women pay 13% less than men for identical car repairs

The new findings scupper the idea that women are more likely to be ‘ripped off’

According to a recent new study, women are charged 13% less for identical car repairs than men, at independent garages across the UK.
These surprising new findings change the current understanding that women are more likely to be ‘ripped off’ when taking their car to a garage to be worked on.
As part of the study by the car insurer’s Sheila’s Wheels, a 2011 Ford Fiesta that required repairs and a service was used and taken to one-hundred independent garages throughout the UK.
The study revealed that overall, men were quoted £106 to carry out a service, which equated to 13% more than females, who were quoted, on average, £94 to do the same work.
Alarmingly, men over the age of sixty were quoted a price 32% more than women aged 60+ to do the same job of changing an alternator. Men were quoted £258 on average, whereas women aged 60 or over, were only quoted £196.
Also, older men were quoted a price 26% more for just a service and 17% per more for the garage to fit a new set of brake pads, than women over the age of sixty.
A separate survey in 2015 by ClickMechanic, which was reported by Auto Express, found that females were quoted, on average, £45 more than men for the same repairs.
Elspeth Hackett, spokesperson for Sheila’s Wheels said: “Taking your car to a garage can be a confusing and costly experience, especially for those with limited motoring knowledge and the imbalance of knowledge can lead drivers vulnerable to rip offs and sharp practice whatever your gender.”
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