UK parking rage soars as homeowners become more territorial

Newcastle-upon-Tyne revealed as the worst place for parking rage

According to a new survey, parking rage across the UK is on the rise, as over 3 million Britons admit that they spy on their neighbours, just in case they park in ‘their’ space.
Householders and motorists have become particularly territorial, with two thirds of adults thinking that they have a ‘basic right’ to park outside the front of their own home and three quarters are offended by bad parking.

Incidents of 'parking rage' on the increase in the UK

Incidents of ‘parking rage’ on the increase

In some cases, drivers park their cars in a specific way to block a space, even if they might not need it and some people even put out fake roadwork cones. In the most extreme cases of parking rage, some angry drivers have been known to call the police, or have vandalised the offending vehicle by letting down tyres or scratching it.
According to Privilege car insurance, Newcastle-upon-Tyne is ranked as the worst place for parking rage in the UK – 40% of motorists experience some form of parking rage every week! Closely following behind were Norwich, Southampton and London.
Over six out of ten adults in the UK think that they have the ‘basic right’ to park on the front of their own home, even if they don’t have a driveway, or a designated parking space.
However, by law, on a public road motorists can park wherever they want to, even on the front of someone’s property, so long as you don’t block their driveway and there aren’t restrictions, such as yellow lines, on the road.
According to the Privilege report, men aged 21 are the group most likely to get angry at other motorists’ parking capers – 139 days a year in fact!
Overall, it’s men that are almost twice as likely than women to get wound up by parking. Men see red over parking around 88 times a year, compared to women, who on average only get wound up just over once a week.
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