UK car manufacturers smash 17-year car making record

British car makers have produced over 1.6m vehicles so far in 2016

UK car manufacturers have managed to produce more than 1.6 million vehicles so far this year, smashing the highest record which was set back in 1999.
In November alone, British car makers built almost 170,000 cars, which is a huge increase of 12.8% compared to November last year and the best November month for 17 years.
The Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), have stated that out of the 169,247 cars produced in the UK in November, 135,502 were for export, meaning only 20% of models made across factories in the UK last month were produced for buyers here at home.
Despite only 33,745 vehicles being made for the UK market, the figures show an increase of 14% compared to November 2015.
These new numbers will help to dispel fears that production in the UK is slowing down, following reports last month that manufacturing had slowed down for the first time for over a year.
The demand from overseas has helped to dispel those fears and aided in the recovery, with a 12.5% increase last month on exports – a record 1.2 million models have already been sent abroad this year.
Car manufacturers across the UK have managed to build a total so far this year of 1,613,495 vehicles, almost 56,000 more motors than for the whole of 2015 and there’s still one more month to go.
Chief executive for the SMMT, Mike Hawes, said: “Made in Britain is a badge coveted by car buyers worldwide, and these latest figures highlight not just that international appeal but the fact that the UK is a globally competitive place to make cars.”
Mr Hawes also added the these latest figures are the result of important investments that have been made in the UK car manufacturing industry over the last few years and to continue on its success, the UK must maintain its competitive trading conditions – something that has allowed the UK to become successful in the automotive sector.
The Japanese car manufacturers Honda, who’ve been producing cars in the UK for the past 22 years, have announced they’ve been responsible for building over 100 million cars over their 53-year history.
The company has been building cars here in Britain since 1994 and their car manufacturing plant in Swindon is now the epicentre for the production of their Honda Civic hatchback, which is being produced for the worldwide market.
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