Three new automotive technologies to get excited about

Since the first automobiles were produced by the German born Karl Benz in 1888, they have gone from being machines of wonder and innovation to become an integral part of 21st century life and something that we take very much for granted. What the average automobile owner often overlooks, is how the industry continues to advance and innovate, even while we no longer wonder.
Here are just three new technologies coming to automobiles soon:
1) Remote vehicle shutdown – we can imagine that this new innovation will be welcomed by the honest amongst us, but could prove to become an issue of resentment for those involved in auto theft crime. This new invention uses telematics technology and will give police the ability to remotely shut down a car that is suspected stolen.
2) Driver override – this system is designed to intervene between the vehicle and the driver if a dangerous situation is approaching. The override system will take control of the vehicle in order to prevent an potential accident. This new invention will use sensor technology to assess distances and time.
3) Health assessment – no, your car will not be replacing your doctor, but car manufacturers are developing the technology to monitor your vital signs whilst you are driving; your car will alert you to any developing problems and can even take you to a safe area and automatically call the emergency services.

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