Shares at Mitsubishi plunge due to dodgy fuel testing admissions

The cheating fuel economy figures date back to 1991

The Japanese car maker Mitsubishi, has admitted to falsifying fuel consumption data for the past twenty-five years.
Mitsubishi admitted the dodgy fuel economy figures to the Japanese Government, which date back to 1991 and affects over 620,000 cars.
After the recent VW emissions scandal and now this episode with Mitsubishi, there’s a strong fear that cheating within the car industry could be widespread, says an automotive expert.
Mitsubishi has confirmed that the only cars affected were sold within Japan only and the models include the eK Space and the mini-car eK Wagon and the Dayz and Dayz Roox, which are built by Mitsubishi but are badged as Nissan’s.
The 660cc petrol engined mini-cars have proven to be very popular in Japan, but not so in other countries.
Claims by reports from Japan stated that Mitsubishi used ‘the most favourable data for the mini-cars, whose fuel economy has been exaggerated by up to 10pc’.
The company has confirmed that it does plan to compensate customers who have been affected by the scandal.
It is understood that officials at Mitsubishi never changed their fuel-efficiency testing practice, after being ordered by the Japanese Government to update their system a few years back.
Even though the scandal only affected cars sold in Japan, it could still harm sales of Mitsubishi cars worldwide, according to Prof Bailey. He also added that the company has a ‘history of covering up faults’.
The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reported that in the UK last year, 22,693 new Mitsubishi cars were purchased.
A spokesman at SMMT said: “It is disappointing news but we need to be absolutely clear that this is an issue involving cars made, tested and sold in Japan – car buyers and owners here in the UK are not affected.”
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