Self-driving luxury concept car revealed by Rolls-Royce

The 20ft “ultimate concept car” will be a voice controlled, two seater coupe!

The “ultimate concept car” has been unveiled by Rolls-Royce, in what is seen by the carmakers as the future of motoring.
The car, known as the “103EX” model, is nearly twenty feet long and is classed as a coupe, seating only two people on one big sofa, with a big screen in front of them.
The luxury concept Rolls-Royce is a prediction of what it will look like in twenty-five years, a longer period of time than other concept cars tend to predict.
The vehicle will have no steering wheel, be totally self-driving and will be voice controlled by its passengers through ‘Eleanor’ – the female voice speaking via an artificial intelligence programme.
Of course, the female voice idea was inspired by Eleanor Thornton, the model and actress whom the bonnet ornament was based on, which can be found on the Rolls-Royce’s Spirit of Ecstasy.
Designers have been given the freedom to run wild with their ideas due to the car being electrically powered.
“The roof will swing up and the door swing open so you stand up and step out of the car,” says Rolls-Royce chief executive, Torsten Müller-Ötvös.
He also went on to say that he believes the introduction of self-driving technology will change the way we think about travelling – autonomous cars and shared ownership will become “anonymous bubbles”.
Mr Müller-Ötvös said: “Our owners will not want drive in these ghastly bubbles, they want to sit in unbelievable relaxation in cars that make a statement.”
The luxury concept “103EX” belongs to Rolls-Royce’s parent group BMW and is part of the 100th anniversary celebrations.
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