Government plans to introduce a grant for business charging points

Government hopes the grant will boost electric vehicle sales

The Government has plans set out for this July, to introduce a new grant for businesses who install electric vehicle charging points on their work premises.
The purpose of the proposed plan is to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles within the business sector.
It is understood that a formal announcement will be made sometime this July concerning the new workplace charging grant, according to Auto Express.

Electric charing point grant could be announced by the government

The UK government is considering a grant for business EV charging points

No further information has been made available on how much the Grant will be for but it will help support businesses who wish to install charging points on their work premises.
CEO of the charging point specialists, Chargemaster, Mr David Martell, said: “We have been informed that there is likely to be a workplace charging grant established this summer by the government.”
“It hasn’t been decided exactly how much the Grant will be, but certainly there will be support by the government putting in charging points in work premises.”
At the moment, the Government only offers discounts for domestic charging points and this newly proposed business grant will be a massive boost for both businesses running plug-in fleets and for (EV) Electric Vehicle car dealers.
Mr Martell said that the new business grant will be made available through a number of charging specialists suppliers.
Fleet Consultant at the leasing company, Arval, Mr Wayne Millward, says that a number of companies believe that it doesn’t cost too much to install the charging points.
But when they start to look at the electric infrastructure within their work premises and realise that new cables will have to be run around the building to make sure the power is where it’s needed, then they understand where the cost is and any subsidised help from the Government would be a huge benefit and greatly appreciated.
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