New survey reveals trickiest driving manoeuvres for motorists

Out of 2,000 people surveyed, which do you think came top of the list?

A new poll, commissioned by the Accident Advice Helpline, was carried out to unearth what motorists in the UK class as the most trickiest manoeuvre’s they have to perform in their car.
The survey quizzed 2,000 drivers and found that parallel parking was the driving manoeuvre that many motorists feared the most.
The poll discovered that many motorists would rather drive a further 100 metres up the road to find an easier place to park.

New survey reveals trickiest driving manoeuvres for motorists

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David Carter from Accident Advice Helpline said: “Parallel parking has been a thorn in drivers’ sides since the invention of the motor car”.
Many drivers fear having to try and park in a tight parking space when other people are watching and the area is busy – a good number of drivers would rather travel down the road a little further and find a place much easier to park in.
A number of other tricky manoeuvres that motorists admitted to struggling with when surveyed were having to reverse into a parking bay and reversing around a corner. Some even confessed to being scared by having to reverse in a straight line.
According to the survey’s findings, almost half of drivers confessed that they’d attempted a parallel park but had to give up half way through because it wasn’t going so well, whilst a quarter of those surveyed said they’d jumped out of the car and let another person finish the manoeuvre off on their behalf.
So it will probably come as no surprise to discover that those taking part chose a reversing camera for the top of their wish list to make parallel parking a lot easier.
The 10 most challenging driving manoeuvres (according to survey results):

  1. Parallel parking
  2. Reverse into a parking bay
  3. Reversing around a corner
  4. Turn-in-the-road/three point turn
  5. Driving forward into a parking bay
  6. Reversing in a straight line
  7. Parking close to the kerb
  8. Navigating a roundabout
  9. Emergency stop
  10. Pulling up on the right of the road

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