New survey reveals the top reasons for holiday car breakdowns

18.5 million Britons will drive off on holiday this summer

When it comes to car breakdowns, new research has revealed that flat batteries and punctures are the problems most likely to cause trouble for motorists.
18.5 million Britons will drive off on holiday this summer but according to new research, over half a million of those setting off on holiday will break down on the way and not manage to reach their holiday destination.

Most holiday breakdowns due to little issues, such as a flat or faulty battery

Holidaymakers in the UK should check their car battery before setting off

The provider of breakdown cover, Green Flag, believes that 587,922 motorists will break down this summer whilst on holiday and punctures will be the problem causing the most stress.
New research also revealed that 70% of Brits will remain in the UK for this year’s summer holiday, a staggering rise from five years ago, when only 20% of Brits chose to holiday in the UK.
Green Flag believes that 73,416 holiday travellers will have their journey spoilt by suffering from a puncture and 71,398 will have their journey halted because of a flat battery. Another 57,747 will encounter a faulty battery, meaning that one third of all breakdowns involve battery and/or puncture problems.
Other mechanical issues, such as a broken clutch, engine faults, broken alternators and damaged fuel systems, are believed to cause trouble for more than 111,000 motorists, effecting almost one fifth of all breakdowns.
According to the new research, 10,000 motorists are expected to lock themselves out of their vehicle and as many as 8,500 will put the wrong fuel in.
New research also revealed the various reasons why people choose a driving holiday. For most, it was the convenience of having their car to drive around in when they get to their destination, while 49% said that they got to see more of the country.
42% believe that by driving to their destination, they save money and 34% of motorists enjoy the time they spend in the car with their friends and family.
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