London is the worst city in Europe for congestion

Drivers in London spend an average of 101 hours in traffic congestion per year

A study carried out by global traffic software and data corporation INRIX reveals which British cities and European countries are most effected by traffic congestion.
The interesting figures have been collated by INRIX, which provides traffic services to customers across the globe, including real-time traffic information, historical traffic information, traffic forecasts, travel estimates, traffic counts and parking information. INRIX works with big-name companies across the world, including BMW and Volkswagen.

London the worst for traffic congestion

Traffic congestion is London is worse than any other European city

According to the results, motorists journeying through the London Commute Zone will spend more time waiting in traffic jams than in any other European city; drivers in London spent an average of 101 hours stuck in traffic in 2015; this is a 5.2 hour increase compared to 2014.
However, the European country with the worst overall traffic congestion is Belgium; with nationwide drivers wasting an average of 44 hours at the wheel in 2015 (an improvement on 51 hours in 2014). The UK comes in at sixth for overall congestion; with motorists spending an average of 30 hours in traffic jams in 2014 and 2015.
Here is the top five cities in the UK most effected by traffic congestion:

  1. London Commute Zone – 101 hours wasted in traffic in 2015
  2. Greater Manchester – 51 hours wasted in traffic in 2015
  3. Greater Belfast – 38 hours wasted in traffic in 2015
  4. Merseyside – 37 hours wasted in traffic in 2015
  5. South Nottinghamshire – 35 hours wasted in traffic in 2015

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