Live rabbit discovered in car bumper at MoT centre

It must have hopped on for a lift!


We’ve heard many a tale about an animal climbing into a car (black bear), or sitting itself on the bonnet (seal) and even getting stuck in the grille on the outside of a car (squirrel) but this time it’s a well loved family favourite pet that decided to hop on for a lift!

No, not a kangaroo (we are in the UK remember!) but a small and rather cute white and beige rabbit which was found when the car it hitched a ride with went in for an MoT.

The little fluffy rabbit was found by a mechanic in the nose of a Vauxhall Corsa, after the car had been delivered to carry out its MoT.

Live rabbit discovered in car bumper at MoT centre

Live rabbit discovered in car bumper at MoT centre by a mechanic – must have hopped on for a lift!

The mechanic, Dave Gordon, works at Newburgh Motors in Aberdeenshire, which is where the lucky discovery was made and thankfully the small passenger had survived its somewhat unusual journey unscathed.

Mr Gordon believes the rabbit, who the garage have now decided to call Derek, could have travelled around 10 miles scrunched up in its hiding place and if no-one comes to claim it as their pet, it could have a new home with Dave and Cooper his dog.

The rabbit was taken to the vets and it seems as though it has no microchip or collar but Mr Gordon still thinks it could be a family pet as it’s happy to be made a fuss of. Meanwhile, Cooper allegedly doesn’t seem too fazed with the prospect of having a new house guest.

Maybe Derek the rabbit was a lucky one and the Vauxhall Corsa went on to pass its MoT with flying colours!


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