The hotly-anticipated Skoda Fabia is set for release in 2015.

Set to debut at this autumn’s Paris Motorshow, the new Fabia will hit the UK market in January 2015.
Skoda Fabia 2015
Boasting a new design, which Skoda have claimed is sportier than the previous model, the 2015 incarnation of the Fabia is 9cm wider and 3cm shorter than the older model.
The car has a distinctive ridge runnding from the badge along the bonnet to base of the windscreen in addition to new crease lines on the flanks of the car, adding to the cars sharper appearance.
Interior and equipment
Skoda Fabia 2015 Interior
What can we expect from the interior of the new Skoda Fabia? Firstly, its going to be bigger. Drivers can expect to have 2cm more elbow room and increased headroom as part of a more spacious cabin all round. Boot space will be increased to 330 litres and will also include storage nets and bag hooks.
The new Fabia will be the first of its kind to offer drivers smartphone-pairing technology, allowing drivers to connect their smartphone to the cars infotainment system.
In addition to this, the car’s features will include emergency braking triggered by sensors which can detect an imminent collision, a rear view camera to aid with parking and hill-hold assist.
Speculation is rife that Skoda will introduce a new line of engines for the new Fabia. Although there has been no official confirmation at this stage, drivers can expect engine options to include the 1.0 petrol used in the Skoda Citi-Go, and 1.2 litre turbocharged four-cylinder engines.
For those looking more attracted to diesel, expect the Fabia to offer 1.4 three cylinder engines with 89bhp and 103bhp options.
These new line of engines coincide with a new chassis for the fabia, which will serve to decrease the weight of the car. Therefore, drivers can expect improved fuel efficiency from the new Fabia in addition to low emissions of 110g/km or under.

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