The Grand Tour begins – and receives rave reviews from the critics

Clarkson, Hammond and May are back with their new car show on Amazon Prime

Clarkson’s new car show The Grand Tour began last week, with the first episode airing on its new home, Amazon Prime, and was available to watch from midnight on Friday, November 18.
The show has been eagerly awaited since the departure of Jeremy Clarkson from the BBC and the extremely popular Top Gear show, which also returned to our screens during the summer months with Chris Evans as the new frontman.
However, unlike the return of Top Gear, which was slated by critics and fans of the show, The Grand Tour has received rave reviews from the critics.
The new show is fronted by Clarkson, with Richard Hammond and James May along for the ride once again.
Fans of Top Gear and the three presenters won’t be disappointed with the new programme, which has been described by Ben Travis from the Evening Standard as a “stunningly beautiful show.”
After the first episode was aired on the Amazon Prime streaming service and the first reviews started to come to light, Clarkson tweeted: “Genuinely relieved and grateful today. Huge thanks to everyone who has sent messages.”
The first episode opened with a dramatic scene which saw the three presenters driving across the Mojave Desert in California, surrounded by a convoy of cars all aiming for a huge stage that looked as though it had ascended out of the sand.
Some of the cars featured in the very first episode included the McLaren P1, the Ferrari LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 Spyder, plus the usual blow ups, bangs, crashes and crazy stunts were still in the mix, keeping fans of the old Top Gear happy and entertained.
Some of the old features such as “The Stig” and a “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” are not included in the new programme, as they form part of the BBC’s Top Gear show.
The producer of The Grand Tour, Andy Wilman, said they would use social media to find out how successful the new show is and how well it has been received by fans and the media, as they will not be told by Amazon what the viewing figures are.
When asked how they’ll know whether viewers enjoyed the new show or not, Mr Wilman said: “We’ll get it from Twitter I would imagine.”
The Grand Tour will feature 12 one hour episodes and will be available to watch via Amazon Prime once a week. Amazon have commissioned the show for a total of three years with 12 episodes per year. The first ever episode has only been available to viewers in the UK, America, Germany and Japan, with plans to launch the programme worldwide from December.
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