Fall Driving Tips: How To Stay Safe On The Roads This Autumn

Helpful Advice From FLEXED For Safe Journey’s


The children have gone back to school, the leaves are now changing colours and there’s a slight nip in the air – confirmation that fall has arrived! From chilly mornings to shorter days, the changing of the season from Summer to Autumn can bring with it new challenges for motorists up and down the country.

Stay safe on the roads this fall in your new lease car from Flexed by following our helpful Autumn driving tips and advice.

Preparing Your Car

The autumn nights are cooler and could leave a touch of frost on your windscreen to greet you first thing in the morning. Make sure you clear the frost from off your windscreen, the rear window and side windows using an ice scraper. You’ll need to give yourself extra time in the mornings to ensure your car is ready for the journey ahead and you’ve got a clear view of the roads.

The shorter days mean darker journey’s to and from work, so check your lights are working correctly, clean them regularly and watch out for bulbs that need replacing and do so immediately.

Look Out For Wet leaves

We’re already noticing leaves falling off the trees and the colours changing, even though we’re only half way through September and we all know how much of a road hazard they can be. Wet leaves on the ground can be very slippery and just as dangerous as ice, so it’s advisable not to brake on leaves that are piled up on the road. Please remember that fallen leaves could be hiding road markings and may obscure dangerous hazards such as potholes.

Back To School!

The kids are back in school, so therefore school buses are back on the roads and more cars! Drive with caution around school buses, giving them enough space to stop and set off again. Also, keep a lookout for children walking to school in the early hours and leaving school in the afternoon.

Morning Frost Hazards

If you’ve woken up to a frosty windscreen, it’s more than likely the roads will have been treated to the same covering, so be extra alert when driving on overpasses, bridges and through shaded areas. Drive slowly and with caution.

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Watch Out For Fog!

Foggy mornings are common during the Autumn months and can be very dangerous to drive in. It can affect your ability to see clearly and prevent you from seeing road signs, traffic lights and oncoming traffic as early as you’d normally expect to. Drive with low beams and keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front.

Sunglasses In The Car!

The glare of the sun can make driving during the Autumn months very difficult, therefore you should always keep a pair of sunglasses handy in your vehicle and use your visor for extra protection. Keeping your windscreen clean both on the inside and out will also help.

Deers On The Road!

We know that deers and other animals can be a hazard throughout the year but the fall breeding season does mean an increase in deer activity. Keep an eye out for deers whilst driving during dawn or dusk and watch for them dashing across the road. They often move around in groups, so if you spot one deer, it’s more than likely there’ll be more. If you know there’s deer in a certain area, drive slowly and look out for deer on both sides of the road.

More Rain About

We tend to see an increase in rainfall once Autumn arrives, so make sure your vehicle is prepared. Check your windscreen wipers regularly to ensure they can clear the rain efficiently to provide a clear view of the road ahead. Drive slowly through heavy rain, keeping a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead.


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