Drivers caught speeding could be issued with a written warning rather than fines or points

Police Scotland proposing new warning system which will include a three-month probationary period

Under new plans proposed by Police Scotland, drivers caught speeding could be issued with a written warning rather than a fine and penalty points. And as long as the driver doesn’t get caught speeding again in the following three months, no tickets will be issued for breaking the law.

If the proposal goes ahead, drivers caught by the police for speeding in 20mph and 30mph zones would be issued with a written warning that will expire after three months so long as no other speeding offences take place within that time. At this point, no further action would be taken against the driver.

If, however, the driver is caught again for speeding within the three months after, they will be issued with a fine and penalty points.

Under the proposals, the new warning system will not apply to drivers caught by speed cameras and anyone who receives a written warning doesn’t need to inform their insurance company.
According to estimations, the number of drivers who would qualify for a written warning would be 18,000 every year.

“If you have an opportunity to say ‘Speeding is one of four fatal factors and we’re not going to prosecute on this occasion, we’re not going to give you a fine, will you accept this warning?’, I think most people will say ‘Yes, absolutely’,” said Police Scotland’s head of road policing, Chief Superintendent Stewart Carle.

Chief Superintendent Carle added that the warning system would enable prosecuting authorities to concentrate on more serious cases.

The introduction of speed awareness courses, similar to the ones currently available to drivers in England who’ve been caught speeding by a certain amount are also being considered by Police Scotland.

The new warning system could be introduced as early as next year if the go-ahead is granted by Scotland’s Crown Office Prosecution Service.

However, a Crown Office spokesman warned that “no decision will be made on… speed awareness courses and their possible relationship with alternatives such as warnings until the findings of the evaluation report have been considered.”

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