Car manufacturers focus on new electronic technology

The presence of top vehicle manufacturers at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show has sparked a discussion on the future relationship between auto vehicles and electronics; chief executives from Volkswagen, Ford, and more, gathered to share their electronic ambitions with the tech crowd.
The main theme was a focus on how electronics will advance the capabilities of the automotive industry and drive car manufacturers well and truly into the 21st century. The chief executive of Volkswagen, Dr Herbert Diess, was quick to refer apologetically to the recent scandal surrounding the company’s emissions system, when he spoke of a “new and better Volkswagen” which would “make people happy”.

Car producers share technological ambitions

Volkswagen executives held press conferences after the emissions scandal

Dr Diess spoke of the days of the iconic VW Camper and unveiled a new prototype called the BUDD-e, an electric minivan, which will incorporate a number of technological advances, including a state-of-the-art electronic dashboard that will allow the BUDD-e owner to control their home lights and doors.
Nick Sampson, the senior vice-president of the innovative auto manufacturer, Faraday Future, told the crowd “we want to be a technology company rather than an automotive company … Apple transformed the phone industry nine years ago, and that is what we at Faraday Future are seeking to do – to redefine the world of mobility.”
With Toyota claiming to be investing a whopping £1bn into its Toyota Research Institute and Ford’s announcement that it will be working with global technology giants Amazon, it is clear to see that the automotive industry is placing a big emphasis on technological advances.

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